Monday, June 26, 2006

Entry #37

by Amra Pajalic

He didn't notice as I followed his car in a borrowed truck down Midnight Road, so called because there no street lights and on a clear night the road lit up in the moonlight.

He'd promised he'd ended it with the skanky bitch, but when I saw him putting on aftershave and slicking his hair back for a night out with the boys, I knew he'd lied.

I told him I was going to visit my sister, which was true. I snuck into her house, taking her boyfriend's keys from the hook beside the back door, while they played hide the sausage.

He turned off the road and parked his car among the trees. I passed him and parked a few hundred metres away. When I reached them on foot I saw her feet propped on the car roof through the windshield.

By the time I'd returned with the truck, keeping the headlights off and driving at five miles an hour as I approached their hideout, they'd finished and were kissing beside his car. I hit the beam lights. They covered their faces with their hands and squinted in my direction.

I hit the gas and sped toward them. They made a crunching sound as they were crushed between the truck and the bonnet of his car, kind of like the sound of chicken bones popping as you eat it. After I dropped off the truck at my sisters' I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Murder was an appetiser.

[Amra Pajalic is an aspiring novelist and has placed in short story competitions, been published in magazines, journals and in anthologies. Her blog is]


Anonymous said...

Nice Amra. Remind me never to make you angry at me.

Jaye Wells said...

Finger lickin' good. Sorry, it had to be said.

Anthony Rapino said...

simply put, I love it. No question. Murderous revenge can be so damn fun.

Flood said...

Makes wonder what dessert is gonna be.

Nice job.

Bhaswati said...

Ouch! The taste of murder played out perfectly.

chong y l said...


Now I dare not enter any KFC kitchen; the sound of bones creaking would remind me of blood ...will go to A&W next door for ConeyDogSpecial on Tuesdays & Rut Bir (that's how it's spelt in my country, Malaysia).

Scott said...

This story made me hungry.

For The Trees said...

Ah, Amra. Such great imagery. Such succulent scenes. Such superb scrunching.

I thought this one had a neat twist. Murder DOES whet the appetite...I always go eat afterwards.

Melly said...

Good stuff!
Straight and to the point!

Jade L Blackwater said...

Right on! Nice touch with the KFC - I just love the psychology of your main character. Quite believable.

anna said...

the skanky bitch ( loved that! )
got her just desserts.
hah good old KFC for me also!

Anonymous said...

Love that she would go to eat afterwards. At KFC of all places following that analogy made it all the better. Thanks for the story. I was also going to point out a typo on 'metres' but looked it up and it can be spelled that way too. Learn something new everyday......Now if i can just stop forgetting 3 things old everyday i will be in good shape.

Good story,


Anonymous said...

Amra, some great lines in here. Love the scene of him primping to go out. Chicken bones...yes! The appetizer concept was devilish (in a good way).