Friday, November 17, 2006


The weight of the world
Delicate in his hand
Seeing into hearts
Before they feel

Safe from his fury
Storming around you
Wings are curling
The late summer light

Michael the Protector
Standing first
Does he feel alone?

(Picture: Detail from an obelisk, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Susan Abraham said...

Once more, a careful studied construction.
I love it when you write like this because I can really taste the words.
For this poem...I would say as smooth as butter!

By the way to your question, does Michael who stands first feel alone?
Perhaps...perhaps...if it wasn't that eternal duty beckoned.

JLB said...

Lovely image and musings...

I am in complete agreement with Susan... how could he feel alone, when so many come just as you have, to wonder, or ask for guidance, or simply to think?

anna said...

Absolutely love these remembrance photos; your poetry completes the pictures beautifully. I've left a comment on your thriller series
also that amazing photo a couple of posts back.

beadinggalinMS said...

Beautiful Jason.
I am off to catch up with the rest of your posts I missed this week.
Happy Weekend.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful poem and I just love your angel. I have many pictures of angels. They seem to fit well with my poems as this one did with yours. very well written
BTW- thanks for reading my poem and for your nice comment


Angela Ferreira said...

Nice poem and image, an opinion from an Angel by name, devil by heart sometimes, haha!!!

kate said...

your posts make me want to take a drive to PA and do some exploring of my own.

Eileen said...

The weight of each of these words- builds a great poem.

Anonymous said...

Susan and JLB, thank you for your kind words. I imagine it is a burden to be the protector of all. He has no one he can turn to, no one to protect him.

Anna, thanks so much for catching up! I missed you. :)

Beady, you too. It's wonderful that you would take the time to catch up.

Beloved Dreamer, thanks so much for the visit! Yes, this angel really struck me. I have many more incredible images from this cemetery. Stay tuned!

Angela, loved that! Being an angel all the time would be a bit boring.

Kate, you're always welcome to.

Eileen, thanks, my friend. :)

Shesawriter said...


You have a gift for bringing pictures to life with your words.


Jeff said...

Very nice, Jason!

Anonymous said...

The weight of the world
Delicate in his hand

What beautiful words and how apt, too. Static images always seem to find a perfect, vibrant expression in your writing.

Marie said...

Beautiful words once again.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, what a compliment! Thank you. :)

Jeff, =)

Bhaswati, great to see you! Thank you for the kind words. Joining words and pictures is my favorite part of this blog. :)

Marie, thank you.

Ester said...

that's nice, both the photo and your thoughts!

Robin Caroll said...

LOVE this one! And the picture is beautiful, too! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ester.

Robin, great to see you! Thanks for sharing the moment with me. :)