Thursday, September 01, 2005



Excerpt: Beyond the black rocks of the jetty, the bell of a channel buoy clanged in the late night silence. Nami raised her open hands. She felt the tickle of gravitation on her fingertips. In her mind, she pushed, and a colossal surge radiated from her. Not just in the shallow surf at her feet, but swelling under the boat lights a mile from shore. The wave swayed fish clinging to sunken subway cars. It raced toward the ledge of the continental shelf. Nami stumbled backwards, terrified, as she felt the force rolling through the depths of the Atlantic and fanning toward the coasts of Europe and Africa.

Unhappy in a grinding legal career and marriage on the edge of bitterness, Nami Sarin awakes to find herself floating against the ceiling over her bed. Profound powers over the Earth's elements are emerging in her. As she struggles to understand the scope of her transformation, she dreams of Urlich Johns, a suicidal man who boards a plane to Alaska to die in the remote rain forests. Each of them senses a massive force of destruction enveloping the world. One chooses to run, and one chooses to fight, but both must stand to prevent the downfall of the human species. Nami flies to Alaska where cataclysmic storms are converging on Ulrich. She cannot allow him to die. Her strength and his knowledge must combine to battle an ancient force which is returning after epochs to restart the cycle of evolution. (Thriller/magical realism. Work in Progress.)