Friday, October 28, 2005


Give me a soft path
And a solemn blue sky
With air perfumed by the trees,
Where roots of the mountain
Recall countless years
And thoughts unwind as they please.


mermaid said...

"And thoughts unwind as they please."

Just like the paths in the wilderness, the paths of life unwind as they please. In Nature, I find myself more courageous to take the road less traveled.

Another beautiful piece you've given us, as She gave to you.

Shesawriter said...

Loved that last line too. Simply beautiful. :-)


Jeff said...

A nice walk along a soft path while surrounded with the beauty of nature. Very nice :)

LiVEwiRe said...

I could close my eyes and see that place. Well, not while reading or tying, of course... you know what I mean. Quite serene yet strong.

Allen said...

Dude, you are seriously talented. That was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone, I was in the mountains this weekend. (In fact, where this picture was taken!) Very beautiful, although a bit cold. The beech trees turned late as usual, so they were in peak color.

Mermaid, keep taking those paths less traveled. There are secrets hidden there few people know.

Tanya, I liked the last line also! I'm grateful it popped into my head on the train ride home on Thursday.

Jeff, I agree, there's nothing like a walk in nature. I especially enjoy learning the cycle of the forest--which birds wake up first, the way the crows caw at the rising sun.

Livewire, hopefully we all have a place (or places) like that. Many of us together here just happen to include old cemeteries in that special list....

Allen, thanks for letting me capture your thoughts for a moment.

Shesawriter said...

The mountains? I envy you! Hope you had a smashing time.


Anonymous said...


My family and I are very fortunate to have this secluded retreat!