Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On the Hillside

Often unseen
Weaving ancient paths
A cautious crunch as he passes
Seeing the autumn for the first time
He steps tiny teardrops into the places he's been.

(Starlight, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. On the doorstep of the Catskills.)


Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Cool. I really like the tree branches. As if grasping for each other.

mermaid said...

There is an unearthly quality to this piece, as if it transcends time, and you, or maybe another you, have been here before.

I like the metaphor of teardrops and drops of dew (if that is what you meant).

Kara Alison said...

Ahhh, PA. Gorgeous. I really miss those colors.

I also love the photo. The deer seems to be sneaking.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, that camera certainly has an interesting perspective. I'm always surprised at what it sees.


Mermaid, once a person described me as an "old soul." Although I don't believe in such things, I cherished the compliment. (And I like your impression of the dew. I did mean the shape of the hoof prints of the deer, but writing should live in the mind of the reader, not the writer.)


Kara, glad to give you a slice of the atmosphere here.

Deer are intriguing to watch when they haven't seen you first. They're never more than a heartbeat away from high alert.

Shesawriter said...

I felt the forest beneath my feet when I read that one. I could smell burning leaves too. Not that you mentioned burning leaves, but the piece brings to mind all the things I love about fall.


forgottenmachine said...

Just a great closing line.

That is all.


Carla said...

stealth in the woods. it's not easy to get a photo of wildlife like this so i suspect you perservered. very nice intro into the season of changes.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, if I was able to evoke a moment of presence for you, then my efforts here are worthwhile.


Forgottenmachine, thanks. I also wanted to apologize to you and my friends in the southern hemisphere. I've thought about how these seasonal posts are backwards for you, or even completely inapplicable. Thanks for indulging me!


Patina, welcome welcome! I have to be honest here. Although I do often persevere hours of stillness in the forest and have seen a great many things as a result, these pictures are from an automated camera. It senses heat and movement, then snaps the picture, day or night.

Hope to see you back!

Allen said...

heh...I lookeda t that picture 10 times today and JUST noticed the deer. That is awesome!

LiVEwiRe said...

I was just thinking of your other pic like this this morning; I was on my way to work and two passed in front of me. it was early and still dark... I prefer your image and definitely your words (mine included swearing and such due to the close proximity...)

Anonymous said...

Allen, yeah, he's kind of hiding back there.

Livewire, I completely understand. Too many deer in an area is a big problem. One of my firm's clients was killed when a deer, hit by another car, crashed through his windshield. His young son sitting in the passenger seat was untouched, but had to witness his father's death. (Geez, sorry for the downer)

jane said...

Gorgeous image...