Sunday, November 13, 2005

Simpler Life

Frigid cold splinters the world
Darkness thick as blindness holds
Blankets can't drive steam from breath
Yet, Sleep
Warmth grow rich with the orange glow


Anonymous said...

I love it J.
It's a beautiful poem my friend. … Nice, wonderful and very comforting.
Thanx & cheers :)

Anonymous said...

OH J, BTW, the poem that Arash wrote for your previous post, It's out of this world!
It's about; humans, heaven, earth, judgment day and love.
I hope he'd come back and translate it for you [it’s written in Persian], but he won't, I'll do it.
Cheers :)

jane said...

Beautiful orange colour in the leaves; a very wintry feel.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Love the contrasting colors! Great!

Anonymous said...

Farzad, thanks! This poem was inspired this weekend. When we arrive at the cabin in cold weather, it takes quite a while for the wood stove to warm it up. Being in charge of the fire, I'm obsessed about whether it's healthy or not. In the dark, a good fire lights the ceiling with orange light. Seeing that light gives me a sense of comfort now. The picture was taken early the next morning.

Jane and Kelly, the November forest is full of interesting contrasts. Bare trees, blue skies, and browing leaves.

mermaid said...

Looks like a beautiful place to stay bundled up inside. Just don't step on any wood splinters:)

Jeff said...

jason- This makes me think of walking through a thick layer of fallen leaves on a cold morning, and later warming myself by an old woodstove or fireplace.

nice photo :)

Anonymous said...

Mermaid, a perfect place for wool blankets.

Jeff, perfect! And the acrid wood smoke hangs in the air.