Sunday, April 09, 2006

Coming Attractions

Look for these attractions in the coming weeks:

Short Fiction Contest--250 word limit entries to be inspired by a photograph I post. All genres welcome. The prizes are:
--1st Place, $25 Amazon gift certificate + a signed 8x10 photo from the gallery*
--2nd Place, $10 Amazon gift certificate + signed photo
--3rd Place (if I get at least 10 entries), signed photo

(*I know someone's thinking, hey, big deal, I'll just print one off the blog. Actually, to be a responsible blogger, I reduce the resolution of the photos by 70% to reduce file size. Only I have the full resolution pictures.)

Flashlight Tag--Serial fiction (Horror). A boy is stalked by a terrifying old woman, but only when his flashlight is turned on.

The Field--Serial fiction (Mainstream/crime). A man is obsessed with the possibility of bodies buried in an abandoned industrial field.

Stayed tuned, and sharpen those pencils for the contest!!


Bernita said...

Lovely idea, Jason.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Geez, I saw 'the field' and thought it was going to be about the news in Canada this weekend.

Can you tell I write crime?

Anonymous said...

Pencil sharpened....

Unknown said...

keyboard cleaned, primed and ready.. :)

Anonymous said...

Bernita, thanks. I hope everyone will put a little notice on their blogs when the time comes. :)

Sandra, what was in the news? A murder?

Eileen, I hope you'll enter! It will begin after next weekend.

Candice, very cool! I hope you'll enter! :D

Terri said...

Ready and waiting :)

Shesawriter said...

Wow, Jason. Great idea. I'll keep my eyes peeled. :-) This should be interesting.

Linda said...

I am no writer but I will be primed and ready to read everyones. :)

Linda said...

Oh yeah I will still sharpen a pencil cause I like a nice pointy pencil haahaa :)

Jeff said...

Anybody got an extra pencil? :)

Sounds like fun, Jason. Will you be posting all of the entries so we can read them?
Looking forward to Flashlight Tag and The Field. :)

Anonymous said...

Terri, I'd just like to finish up "Diamond Shoals," then we'll get the show on the road!

Tanya, I hope it's fun!

BeadinggalinMS, sure you don't want to give it a go? If not, just don't poke us with that pencil! :)

Jeff, yes, I will handle it like Kelly. All entries will be posted with an index. :)

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Woo, another contest! Sounds great, Jason, I hope you have a great turn out!