Thursday, April 27, 2006

Entry #30

"Waking Light"
by Lady M

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever wake from this darkness.

I don't know how long I've been here. Has it been more than a week? More than a year?

I see through the black void of my mind - the lights in the hallway - from when I was a child.

Those lights were forever my protection against the evil monsters that crept out from underneath my bed at night. They gave me freedom to dart down the hallway to my parent's room to certain sanctuary.

And now, they are all that I have - a glimmer of hope that I will wake - instead of endlessly traversing the bleak, empty corridors of my coma ridden soul.

I pray every moment that they will never burn out or fade away. For, if they should, I know I will never find my way back home.


Bernita said...

Interesting idea!

Jeff said...

Good job, Lady M. :)

Erik Ivan James said...

A very interesting idea, and creative.

For The Trees said...

Horrifying thought of what the mind REALLY sees when the body's in a coma...what if minds really DO think when in that state? Egad, scary!

Lyn said...

Nice bit of poetry in prose style. Solid word selection, short and precise. Lyndon

Anonymous said...

Lady M, such a haunting image-the lights in the darkness, knowing you need to go in that direction but being unable to move. Yes, haunting!

A solid piece in all respects.

WagerWitch said...

Thank you! Every single one of you - thanks for your lovely comments.

Lady M