Monday, May 15, 2006

Forest Calling

Painted Trillium
(Trillium undulatum, Pocono Mountains)

Peepers raining
Dark pools
Dreaming, Waking
Blood green


Flood said...

The trillium is our (Ontario's) provincial flower. There is a myth that it is illegal to pick them, but I've never been able to get down to the bottom of that.

Your poem is as delicate as the flower itself.

mermaid said...

It's as if that flower has more to say, but will grace us with her presence and your introduction for now.

* said...

very nice

Melissa Amateis said...

Dark pools whistling...I like that imagery.

Anonymous said...

Flood, the trillium is such a delicate plant, I would not be surprised if it protected by law. I always keep an eye out for them in the spring. A crimson variety grows in wet areas. Thanks for the compliment!

Mermaid, her time is short (I know the feeling).

Antonia, thank you. :)

Melissa, since I spent the weekend quite a bit north of where I live, I was treated to a second early spring. Thanks for the feedback!

Jeff said...

Very nice, Jason! :)

Anonymous said...

The trillium has always been one of my favorite wildflowers. We had them growing in the woods behind our house when I was a kid. We too were told that we weren't to pick them from a very early age - and I think that's part of the reason I grew up with such a reverence for them. And what wonderful woodsy words to go with the photo. :)

anne frasier said...

nice :)

ProducerClaire said...

A random question - do you only write about the pictures you take, or can others submit images for inspiration?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, thanks! :)

Sarah, I'm not sure the plant persists in the summer. They're almost mystical. Even when you find one, it's not always easy to come back an hour later and find it again. It's almost like they chose when they want to be seen.

Anne, thank you. =)

Claire, on two occasions, folks have sent me photographs for inspiration: In the Shadow of Burnaby Light sent by Sandra Ruttan and Diamond Shoals sent by Kelly Parra. I'm definitely open to more collaborations (hint hint). :D

Scott said...

I'm not much for poetry, although when it is explained to me or when I really take a deep look I can appreciate it. I am however, intrigued by the line "Blood green"

Bernita said...

Ah, putting the trill in trillium.
Thank you, Jason.

Bailey Stewart said...

How beautiful - both the photo and the poem. Spring has indeed sprung.

Linda said...

OOO the Trillium is so pretty. I don't think I have ever seen one. Very nice poem to go with it.

Jess Riley said...

I love trillium. The name is as beautiful as the flower itself.

Lovely poem, Jason!

Anonymous said...

Scott, I was thinking of the blood of plants when I wrote that.

Bernita, you're very welcome!

Eve, thanks for the kind words. :)

BeadinggalinMS, I wonder if the Trillium is a more cold weather plant. I'm not sure. Glad you liked the poem. :)

Jess, it does have a lovely name. And the plant is almost mystical in its symmetry.