Friday, June 23, 2006

Entry #13

by Herschel Cozine

What is tomorrow?
Tomorrow is a magic place,
Where time is born.
And in this land are things we don’t yet know,
Like sunshine and raindrops,
Snow and fluffy clouds.

Where is tomorrow?
It is a sunrise away,
Hiding behind the hill where no one has ever been.

What is tomorrow doing?
It is waiting for the cloud of night to float into yesterday.
It is sleeping while the moon drifts through the sky,
Collecting dreams and wishes.

Can we see tomorrow?
No, but if we are very still, just before we go to sleep,
We can feel it’s velvet cloak as it steals across minds,
And takes away the tiredness of today.
And, when the rising sun chases the stars away,
Tomorrow will be riding on its golden crown.
But, when we awake, it will be today.
And a new tomorrow will be waiting, just a sunrise away.

[Herchel Cozine has written and published extensively in the children's field. He has also written and published mysteries that have appeared in AHMM, EQMM, and many on-line e-zines, particularly Orchard Press Mysteries. He has a story scheduled for publication in Woman's World in August and another in the new magazine, Great Mystery & Suspense.]


Flood said...

Very nice imagery.

Anthony Rapino said...

Love the question-answer style with this one.

Scott said...

What a nice poem this was. Easy to understand and unpretentious. Thoughtful. Well done.

Bhaswati said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing this.

For The Trees said...

Herschel, VERY nice metaphysical imagery. I especially liked how you can't get to tomorrow, you can only be today.

Choice quality stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ah, tomorrow never comes except in our imaginations. Very beautiful.

Jeff said...

I also liked the question/answer format. Nice imagery. Good job.

chong y l said...

I visited here Yesterday
Delayed my footprint for 24 to ponder o'er what to say
Today was yesterdie's Tomorrow
Hence, I know i must not hesitate on a BIG "Hello!".:)

Jade L Blackwater said...

mmm... I'm glad someone tossed in a poem... I was initially headed that way myself! I like to imagine "behind the hill where no one has ever been."

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine a wide-eyed child asking the questions and a soft spoken, wise adult answering them. Nice sense of timing on this poem. You should submit it to Highlights, or some such National Magazine for kids. Of course, it appeals to adults as well. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Herchel, I can very much appreciate the sentiments here and also the metaphor used to convey the meaning. Soft and magical.