Sunday, June 25, 2006

Entry #24

"Exit Plan"
By Robert H. Ball, Jr.

The finger-like shape jutted out of the crusted earth toward the nighttime Nevada sky – the ubiquitous utility pole. A blacktop road receded into the darkness. “So this is NV-375, the so-called Extraterrestrial Highway”. Ilsa thought. Her escape attempt had turned ugly when she unleashed a telekinetic firestorm upon her pursuers leaving a trail of bodies and debris scattered into the distant Papoose mountains toward Area 51. The black-skinned petite green-eyed female was the second-generation result of DNA experiments conducted by ex-nazi German scientists secreted away at the end of WW-II. The “grays” found at Roswell in 1947 mixed with radiation burned female workers from Yucca Flats provided the ingredients. Omnipotence with attitude was why she had been confined since birth, and why she was being desperately hunted now.

Ilsa could always sense the presence of alien spacecraft and she felt one nearby. It emerged from the glowing clouds above the utility pole. A yellow beam emerged seeking out the human-like figure. She was bathed with the pulsing light, but then the beam hesitated sensing a non-human presence. It was too late, the girl’s eyes glowed green as she uttered “gotcha” and popped out of sight as the alien ship gave an inaudible shudder. Ilsa sat before the controls studying them intently, then looked over at the crew strewn about the far side of the cabin like discarded dolls. She thought: “I simply must work on my inter-personal skills.” The craft slipped Earth’s gravity heading toward the Alien mother ship.

[Robert H. Ball, Jr. is retired from the Federal Government - Information Technology (old-style room sized computers). He has a B.A in Mathmatics, served in Vietnam, and is married with two grown children. He has an interest writing short fiction but is as yet unpublished. He started a blog on non-fiction items - Budgeting: Check out his fiction blog at]


Bhaswati said...

The Sci-fi angle was fun to read. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hah, loved the playful tone of the piece.

Jade L Blackwater said...

I loved the visuals!

You may want to check out this sci-fi writing carnival:

anna said...

I think this character and theme is interesting enough for a much longer piece. Enjoyed it. It left me wanting MORE!

Anonymous said...

Robert, cool idea to use the pole as a UFO landing site! I like the touch of humor to the character. Omnipotence is just no fun without humor.