Monday, June 26, 2006

Entry #36

"Anytown, USA"
by Jamie Ford

Norman Harwood stood in the gallery of Walla Walla prison’s execution chamber. Behind the glass, he watched his cousin Ray, twitch like a horse carp in the bottom of a fishing boat. His cousin’s limbs thrashed, while his head jerked back.

The body of his oldest daughter, Neela, was found in the shed behind Ray’s house, and though Ray denied it, his underwear was found stuffed in her mouth. Despite four years of appeals, Ray was lit up at the stroke of midnight.

On the long road home, Norman thought about what he’d say to his other daughter, Angie. She was almost eight and had cried for days when her big sister went missing, but now seemed at peace.

“Do you think it hurt when she died?” Angie had asked.

Norman said what made sense. “I bet angels took her to Heaven. She was long gone by the time it happened.”

“I think she was happy to go.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’d be.”

Norman thought about that all the way home. What does she know? She’s just a babe. Not old and spiteful like her older sister––so strong natured. Eager to get out on her own. Likely to run her mouth. Can’t have that can we?

When Norman got home. He wasn’t thinking about Neela, or his cousin. He had closure now. My worries are over, he thought. What’s done is done.

With that, he went alone into Angie’s bedroom and showed her how all daddies protect their little girls.

[Jamie Ford grew up near Seattle's Chinatown and is busy querying his first novel, Surefire. He hangs out at and has been known to eat jellyfish, sea cucumber and chicken feet on occasion.]


Scott said...

My goodness Jamie. Well paced, powerful ending. The last line brings it all home.

Flood said...

Scary and sickening. Doesn't lose any impact.


Bhaswati said...

What flood said. It's disturbingly great. Well done.

cesarcarlos said...

Liked it a lot. Disturbing, all right. Very nice piece.

For The Trees said...

Obscenely beautiful. Good writing.

Adam Hurtubise said...

What Forrest said. And I'll add: stunning.

Anonymous said...

That final line was quite the twist. Made me shiver.

Jaye Wells said...

This was chilling and excellent. Great job, Jamie.

Jade L Blackwater said...

Well done Jamie. The more I read of your work, the more I love it.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, congrats on first runner up to the Readers Choice Award!

You're such a strong writer. Artful weave of action and backstory. The exchange between Angie and Norman is the best. Angie has such a strong presence.

A high scorer overall.