Monday, July 03, 2006

August's Promise

Illusion bleeds and love descends
As days recline
And summer ends

Have you been ever drawn to a place? Belonged to it? No matter how far you might choose to run?

What if you knew it is a shadowed place? A place you should never go?

Rachel Burton knows those shadows. And she believes. And knowing and believing, she will return to embrace the darkness, but not quite touch it.

Until it touches her.

Come with me in August. We are going to meet a very special friend. USA Today bestselling author Anne Frasier will point our way to Rachel's path. It winds where the forest is tall and the memories deep.


My friends, I am incredibly excited to announce that the next short fiction contest here at The Clarity of Night will be a first-ever collaboration! USA Today bestselling author Anne Frasier will join us to celebrate the release of her new and wonderful novel, Pale Immortal.

Not only will this upcoming contest once again give you the chance to be part of a thriving writing community, but Anne will share her thoughts on writing, reveal hidden web content for Pale Immortal, and comment on each and every entry submitted. How unbelievable is that??

Look for the contest announcement, rules, and theme in late August.

In the meantime, Anne appreciated your Midnight Road entries so much, she couldn't help herself but join in. I leave you to enjoy her own variation on our theme.

(Seriously, no matter where your blogging travels take you, check back here in August. You do NOT want to miss this contest!!)


"Midnight Road"
by Anne Frasier

The strange object loomed above them. "I wonder what that is," Fontaine said. But he didn't really care. It was silly to dwell on such things.

"See those wires?" Mary pointed. "I heard they used to carry some kind of power." She slapped a pair of patched jeans against a rock.

"My grandmother says that, but she's nuts."

Mary nodded. "Crazy as a full moon in June."

"Nutty as a nut tree."

Fontaine threw the last of the wet clothes into his basket and got to his feet. "My grandmother refused to go through the mental cleansing."

There, he'd finally voiced his family shame.

"My mother says it's vulgar to cling to memories." Mary stood and picked up her basket. "A cleanse a day keeps the sorrow away."

The sun rises in the East. All children turn toward the sun. Fontaine turned. "A cleanse in time saves a mind."

The darkening sky reminded them of the impending loss of light. Side by side they hurried home, their shadows stretching and shrinking, bending and folding across the midnight road.


cesarcarlos said...

How great is this! I read Anne's novel "Hush" a few years ago and I loved it. What a great announcement. You can surely expect an entry for me. Eager to hear more from Anne.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Already can't wait to get started!

anne said...

You name-dropper, you. ;)

(no, I'm not her.)

writingblind said...

Sounds exciting, what a great way to follow up this last contest.

Bhaswati said...

Lovely story, Anne. Great play of words and a refreshing take on the image. Enjoyed reading this.

Jason, the contest sounds super exciting. Kudos to you for making writing such an invigorating experience. Thanks!

anne frasier said...

jason, thanks so much for the invitation. i still can't believe i'm going to be involved in your next contest and i can't wait until august. you throw a helluva party!

cesarcarlos, glad to hear you read and enjoyed hush!

bhaswati: thank you. :) i kinda wish i'd put a little narrative in there to relieve some of the clunkiness, but i think it still works.

let's all meet back in here august. deep in the woods.

Anthony Rapino said...

Oh man! You mean I have to wait almost two months? The suspense will kill me...seriously.

Anne, your story is wonderful, I look foward to August.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

anne, yeah, this will be fun. (Enjoyed your story...) Jer

Bernita said...

"Her?" she squeaked.
"Jason, I'm terrified."

Scott said...

Jesus Jason. Hey, that has a ring to it... You'll seriously need your own web server for the next one. Anne, wonderful story. It's obvious you are a pro.

mermaid said...

'As days recline'

I'm leaning back on these words. It's as if they have created a soft bed all on their own.

Roy said...

I'm in.

That was cool, Anne.

anne frasier said...

thanks everybody for the kinds words. :)
bernita: LOL!

roy: love that avatar.

Jeff said...

Very nice, Anne. :)

Anonymous said...

Cesar, wonderful to meet another fan of Anne's! I daresay you will love Pale Immortal. I'm glad to see you'll be with us.

Jim, it's going to be a howl!

Anne, don't trip! ;) Anne Frasier is a great person and a great friend. So are you. It must be something about the name.

Writing Blind, I can't wait!

Sury, the contest was my pleasure. I enjoy creating a little safe place for writers, then adding a touch of excitement.

Anne Frasier, the pleasure is all mine. The least I can do for a friend and a great writer.

Anthony, with all the summer fun, the weeks will fly by. :)

Anonymous said...

Jer, I save a seat for you. =)

Bernita, hehe. Here, have this glass of wine. In a minute, I'll introduce you. Just don't ask her where the bodies are. She just might tell you. ;)

Scott, I do think this one is going to be an event. Thanks for all of your support!

Mermaid, you are part of my thoughts when I sit down to write verse. You are always ready to taste the words and listen beyond them.

Roy, I'll hold you to it! :)

Jeff, you've been an important part of helping me grow in blogging. Thanks for all your support. :)

Shesawriter said...


Wonderful, wonderful!


I look forward to the contest. Much to read. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ace posting, Super cool!!!
all the best

Terri said...

{gulp} Am I the only one who feels a little intimidated being in such illustrious company?

Jason, as always, I love the picture and words combination - very soothing.

Anne, great story!

Flood said...

Looking forward to the next party!

Anne, I enjoyed your story. It made me think of people now who pacify themselves these days rather than allow the human experience.

Anonymous said...

That was just beautiful Anne, and wonderfully unique! Jason, I'm so glad you posted it.

Can't hardly wait for the next contest! Yippee!

anne frasier said...

thanks, jeff! hey, weren't you somewhere between arizona and indiana when you posted that? ;)

shesawriter: thank you. :)

terri: think fuzzy puppies

flood: thanks. i agree -- there's a lot of that going on.

jlb: thanks. i'm looking forward to the contest too. normally i only get this excited over halloween. :D