Thursday, August 24, 2006

Entry #25

Here and Now
by Tyler Moore

Here and now, with the midnight moon
I look for you in its cast’d gloom.
You sent for me, and I for you,
Here and now, with the midnight moon.
That special hour, come and then gone
My face is pale and thin and drawn.
Wait, wait, for now is dawn
Perhaps the time for you anon.
Instead of you I see my steel
And against it my flesh yields.
And I lay dying in our field
As I alone, stretched out and killed.
My soul rises like mist in morn,
For you, my love, for you I mourn.
But this place is not mine own
For you, my love, for you it is owed.
You breaker of hearts and theiver of lives,
Live you on in the weave of your lies.
More and more I rest and wait,
Plotting vengeance that does not abate.
The hour of your life grows late
You who have betray’d.
The essence of steel that lays beside me
Will be a fitting end for thee,
Parting your supple throat within my undead dreams
Is about to become a reality.
You rest above me as I rest below
And I pull my steel as you are foe.
I slip the blade up through the breast
Twisting before coming to rest.
Now all is gone, as it should be.
You wait eternal for judgement and me.
As your lot is unfinished, this is how you’ll remain.
Cold and heartless, but in your bed you have lain.


Anonymous said...

I actually really liked this. Nice change of pace from all the prose. I liked the darkness, the coldness with which the act is performed. Well done!

Joni said...

Ah, some poetry! I loved the dark music of this. Very nice.

Anonymous said...


anna said...

ahh a poet! my heart's delight
a little touch of edgar perhaps?
Lovely images. wonderful composition.
very nice
enjoyed completely

Anonymous said...

good flow and rhythm and attention to craft. Word-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Only one word! Wonderful!

Robert Ball said...

Dark poetry for dark times. A haunting read.

Anonymous said...

very nice! you created a wonderful mood that feels deeply personal.

Anonymous said...

Here and now-interesting title.
Enjoyed reading this.

Anonymous said...

Eternal judgment and vengeance. A chilling tale!