Friday, August 25, 2006

Entry #29

by Dafath

The brain is an august and complex grey, the epitome of grey and though of the body, seemingly bloodless, and when alive as sessile as a sponge rooted as it is to its Medulla oblongata, as hermetic as a discalced anchorite solitary in a stone cave, yet so suggestive in its seclusion. I don’t know if Hegel was writing of god or clouds or dialectical materialism, but his metaphor is apropos, “oyster-like, gray, or quite black Absolute.”

So there it lay on the black satin cloth, the scene Tertullian in its darkness, virtually dripping, yet clean and lifeless, grey erotic convolutions forming a harmony of dead flesh, so many vulvas of the brain, calling, welcoming, pursing its lips so like a whore on 2nd Avenue before Giuliani.

The pain is exquisite or in the equivalency of Bataille ecstatic. Each of the sutures connecting the 29 bones of the skull separated one from the other, one by one with the slow rasping of the bone saw. It could take 8 hours, sometimes more, a weekend of orgiastic bliss.

This was my work…my pleasure. Once that quiescence of the little death had been attained…witnessed like the adoration of the magi…the bodies, absent their heads, were all useless—it is why I kept the dogs—and I could display the hierarchy of my art in the ironic detachment of the brain.


Bernita said...

Very rich.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I understood this piece entirely, but it is the mystery of it that makes it attractive. I loved the velvet darkness of it. Your use of language is inspiring.

anne frasier said...


this is really a strange yet at the same time strangely wonderful piece. bernita was right when she said rich!

Joni said...

Somehow clinical, erotic and phychotic all in one. Much denser than I could ever accomplish. My praise for pushing the envelope.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Ok. Almost too heavy on the descriptives, and this coming from someone who has abused adjectives and fancy words. I really enjoyed what you did with this one, the separate ideas and concepts you wove together here. It was just a lot of work to get through.

Lisa Jordan said...

I'm at a loss for words. A little too intense for me to fully understand.

Anonymous said...

Understood, and loved it. Great piece of work. A master piece.

Anonymous said...

Okay I am a little slow, still reading and still trying to understand. Obviously this is some lunatic that enjoys cutting off heads and feeding bodies to his dogs. Am I right or wrong?
I'll agree with the rest "darker than grey." I DID like it.

bekbek said...

"Ironic detachment" is fantastic, especially in concert with the "little death." Long, long ago someone told me the "little death" was a Shakespearean orgasm. It fits the dark eroticism of your story to a "T."

I loved this.

Dafath said...

thank you for reading and commenting.
if it brought a little perverse pleasure
than so be it.


Anonymous said...

An impressive mix of literary style with a grotesque subject. It's terrifying how it hides the horrors. High marks overall.