Saturday, August 26, 2006

Entry #47

Moon’s Shadow
by Nicky Schmidt

Edmond stretched, lifting himself to the sky. The sight of the moon and the clouds intoxicated him, left him alive yet filled with wanting. He pushed aside old memories and focussed his gaze on the path.

It wound through the churchyard passing pitted, moss-covered headstones. He read the names as he passed. He remembered some of them. Long gone, mostly forgotten, but not by him. He was like that, he remembered people, especially those who had mattered to him.

A bat skittered down and hovered before him. He brushed at it, chasing it away.

The clouds parted allowing moonlight to brighten the path. The night came alive.

Edmond trembled. He should not have come out.

Then he saw her, crouched at an ancient tombstone, laying a bunch of scented lilies. Her dark hair fell across her face, hiding her features. Sensing him, she glanced up.

He moved towards her, smiling. She was so beautiful.

“It’s peaceful here at night, isn’t it,” he said.

She nodded, a nervous half-smile on her face.

She moved to get up. Edmond extended a hand. She took it.

The clouds drifted over the face of the moon.

Edmond sighed as he watched the shadows flit across her face. Yearning rose within him.

Yes, he should have stayed at home. He knew he couldn’t resist his instincts, especially not at full moon. He licked away the last traces of blood from his lips, kissed the girl’s still-warm neck and laid her against the tombstone.

[Nicky is an unpublished author and freelance writer. She writes lifestyle feature articles for magazines and newspapers and fiction (fantasy) for children and young adults.]


Joni said...

Boy, that moon really draws 'em out, don't it. But seriously, wonderful writing. It was a great scene. Love the passionate undertones.

anne frasier said...

joni, i had to check the moon phase. :D

nicky, very nice. i really liked the sensuality of it, and how we know he's played out this scene many times.
i liked the mention of lilies too. they seem such a funeral flower. and i imagine her suddenly being a beautiful white lily as he puts her against the stone.

very nice.

Anonymous said...

Well written.

Anonymous said...

If you show a moon picture you are going to get vampire stories, and this is a good one. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I like it when bats skitter. That's exactly what they do.

Anonymous said...

You set the scene very well. Nice flow. EErie....

Anonymous said...

I loved that last line - "...and laid her against the tombstone."

Robert Ball said...

I'm left wondering how many under those tombstones have satisfied his appetite in the past?

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Nicky paints a powerful restless mood with her story and not without the delicious feel of a slight fear and trepidation that one comes to expect for a good horror or mystery.

Bhaswati said...

Very well done. The scene comes alive because of your powerful descriptions.

Jude said...

Nicky, I love the atmosphere you evoke here and the way you hint at what is to come, rather than state it explicitly.

Anonymous said...

That was a great ending. You packed a lot of punch into a few words. High marks for technical use of language.