Saturday, August 26, 2006

Entry #50

Surviving the Night
by Margaret Ann Magle

They come for me in the night
shrouded in darkness,
hidden behind ribbons of clouds,
waiting in the shadows of trees.

Nightmares and memories
carried in on the wind.
They echo in the night air,
barn owls and frogs giving them voice.

I shiver against past evils.
I quicken my step,
and my breath.
I pray for redemption,
for mercy,
for release.

I scream at the blackness,
“You’ve collected your dues.
captured my innocence.
You’ve given me scars that show
and left even more unseen.
What else do you demand?
How much more must I give?”

The moon peers out
from its veil of clouds,
breaking the darkness,
scattering the gloom.
In her blanket of light
I am safe,
I am whole.
In the glow of the moon,
I once again embrace hope.

[Margaret has been writing since 13 but seriously for the past few years. She prefers short fiction and poetry over non fiction. She has had several pieces published over the past two years. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband David and a houseful of pets. When not writing she enjoys reading, making jewelry, working jigsaw puzzles, and music.]


Joni said...

Oh, how the past comes back to haunt us. This is very poetic, a good one to read out loud. Nice use of symbolism, light = hope. Good work.

anne frasier said...

this is beautiful, margaret.
i read it several times and enjoyed it more with each reading. very nice.

Anonymous said...

Very powerfully written piece, Margaret. I liked the way the piece began with despair but ended with hope.

Anonymous said...

Nice poetic story.

Marcail said...

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anne. This is good and you have to read it again. Good writing.

Anonymous said...

"I shiver against past evils"

That line alone probably speaks to everybody who reads it (shiver).

Anonymous said...

I like the juxtaposition of hopelessness set against lingering (or newfound) hope.

Anonymous said...

..."you've given me scars that show and even more unseen."WOW!

Very deep stuff. Love the message that all is not lost and that hope springs eternal.

Bernita said...

The ache of it.
Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I love the descriptions of night! This was my favorite line: The moon peers out from its veil of clouds, breaking the darkness, scattering the gloom.