Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Entry #85

Hell on Earth
by Luke

This was to have been an elegant assimilation. I was entrusted to make a tangible difference, a real impact on the continuance of human evolution.

But not at this cost!

I'd been here less than one Earth hour when the first seizure came.

At first imperceptible, it built into a steady swell, until the crescendo of pain exploded through every cell in this inappropriate human form, this carcass of dying cells.

And so the torture continued every 12 hours and 25 minutes, regular and precise. Up and down; rise and fall; wax and wane; over and over and over

How could I have not been prepared for the unbearable agony, the insanity yet to come?

It was unfortunate but the witnesses had to be silenced.

And now I stumble across grey concrete flooring and wrap my already bulging digits around the cold steel bars. I look out for the last time upon the shrouded face of my tormentor, my destroyer; with its Spring tides and silver malevolence.

It is laughable that in another hour, I am to be prepared for death by lethal injection. Too little. Too late.

I almost feel sorry for them and the sight of my remains - blood, bone and cartilage, scattered over these four walls.

They will have no other choice but to believe then.

It cannot come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Silver malevolence is a very nice turn of phrase.

Anonymous said...

How tantalyzing! This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg.

Joni said...

My interest is piqued. I want to know more. The premise has an astounding potential. Perhaps too big of a story for 250 words? I'm having a hard time putting it into context.

anne frasier said...

i love it!

i'm confused, but i think it get it.

tides and the human body... we are what percent water? and how does the moon impact that? and how does our skin hold all that in? is this a visitor from another planet who can't tolerate the moon's gravitational pull? great concept!

Bernita said...

Fascinating POV, too.

Anonymous said...

Luke, that story really deserves expanding into something much bigger. And the word pictures you paint are so vivid. Felt like I was watching tv as I was reading it.

Loved it.

anne said...

I'm so not sorry I held a gun to your head... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I liked this entry. Good concept. Interesting and well developed. I, too, think you should pack more meat on its bones and tell the rest of the story. Love that the creature sees the moon as its tormentor...such a switch for us romantic types.

Anonymous said...

Such a desperation at the end. It's palpable.