Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Entry #92

No More
by Angel

It was heartbreaking.

As beautiful as it was, Deena didn't think she'd never seen the sky so empty.

Gold was restless under her saddle, and she knew he was tired. They'd ridden hard that day and it was getting dark quickly. Deena was dusty and hungry, and Gold almost certainly was too. He was always game for their regular "dragon hunting” jaunts; it was almost as if he understood her when she spoke to him while saddling him.

It had been four days since the last dragon had been sighted, and she had spent that time looking for it in the foothills near her hometown. Anecdotal evidence said it was a female and it was a youngster. Deena was convinced that if she could find the youngster- she could find its siblings. She knew in her heart of hearts that there were still dragons on the planet; she just needed to find them. It was her aim to return the population to its former glory- and on night like tonight it seemed even the moon made fun of her.

For tonight, she turned Gold’s head towards home, knowing she'd be the laughing stock of the town again. And knowing at the same time that in a couple of days she and Gold would be out looking for the dragons again.


Joni said...

Thanks for bringing some fantasy. Very well written.

I wonder, though, if she succeeded, would mankind really be happy to have a full host of dragons back on the earth?

anne frasier said...


i loved the obsessive perspective of the dragon hunter. beaten for the day, but going out again to continue a quest that will never end.

very nice.

Anonymous said...

Joni poses an excellent question. But I suppose that would not stop someone who believes that all species have the right to thrive. Good perspective of a different kind of dragon hunter.

Anonymous said...

This piece has a Don Quixote-type feel. A sadness comes through.

AngelConradie said...

joni: thank you!

anne: high praise from you, thank you.

jim: thank you!

jason: cool, kinda what i was feeling...