Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Entry #94

Lonely Girl
by Suzanne Smith Karg

Alone, finally alone in her silent house…Ah, sweet relief! This demure adolescent prefers solitude. Her mind is terribly burdened, and this will give her opportunity to think, to consider…

It was just the other evening when her whole perspective changed. Up until then, life had made sense. She and her parents enjoy a good relationship, and they’re in agreement about her upcoming marriage. Her fiancé is a little older; but she perceives him to be loving, kind, and wise.

“Oh, how I pray he’ll understand!” she barely whispers.

On that night of nights, the moon was high, and its brilliance pierced the thick blanket of darkened clouds. As it poured through the window above her bed, it created a shaft of ultra-golden light. Its ethereal beauty was startling, and in its midst manifested an angelic apparition.

“You have been chosen to perform a unique assignment…” began the messenger divine.

Utterly astonished, she could scarcely comprehend any of what he said! She remembers she agreed to complete her part, but now the recollection of the entire experience is surreal…

Of course, her parents and her fiancé must be told, and very soon—but how? With what words can she possibly express such an incredible occurrence? Tears spill over, as her hands gently touch her abdomen. How can she explain the Baby?

[Suzanne lives on part of her family’s farm in Northeast Pennsylvania. She is retired from the Bell Telephone System and is now employed as a teacher’s aide.]


Joni said...

ooh, Mary? or someone else? interesting to get into the mind of the one chosen for immaculate conception.

Some of the tense changes threw me, though. Watch out for that.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, this is so unique. I love the point of reference...The Annunciation. You have woven an eloquent story, using the most beautiful words.

anne frasier said...

suzanne, very nice take on the photo!

i really liked her feeling of bafflement, unease, and tenderness.

Anonymous said...

I love the POV. Great!

Anonymous said...

Very nice take on a familiar story.

Bhaswati said...

What an insightful perspective you bring to a familiar tale. Very nicely done. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the description of the angelic light. The scene was very evocative.