Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Entry #98

One Last Time
by Zizoso

Kent walked through the quiet woods, drawn by a force he didn't completely understand. Something was not as it should be.

Suddenly, the ground gave way. He fell, skidding to a halt on a riverbank, nettles stinging his arms and legs. Gaining his bearings, Kent could barely make out the embankment above him. Gradually, he became aware of another presence – large, ominous.

Not twenty feet beyond, the brave creature was bemired to its hips in the murky waters. Nostrils flared with effort, flanks heaved, as it thrashed desperately. Eyes wide, the animal regarded Kent with a wild glance. Kent began to make his way to the steed – dimly thinking that this must have been the call that drew him out this evening.

As Kent made his way into deeper waters, the current swept him to the struggling stallion. Wrapping his arms about the stout neck, the creature quieted slightly. Kent looked for a way to freedom, but it
was simply too dark.

Suddenly, the moon sprang out from the thick night haze, revealing the wizard standing on the bank, wand held high. "You've opposed me for the last time. Now I shall have you," he cried, thrusting his wand at Kent. Instantly, the waters raged. The Stallion rose up, fighting, feet scraping the water-worn rocks. Kent clung to him, realizing too late the brave steed was merely bait. The wizard's laughter ringing in their ears, the pair were swept over the falls.

Only the moon above marked their watery graves.


Joni said...

I like the connection Kent had with the steed. The wizard was a twist. Kent isn't usually a fantasy name, so Kudos for thowing me off. Very nice.

anne frasier said...

great descriptions and very nice control of action.

good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know you. ;-) I still love this twist. I was so not expecting a wizard to end up in the mix. And I love the ending.

Jude said...

Some lovely moments here- I like the way the moon springs out to reveal the wizard.

Anonymous said...

I liked the description of the river. Those stinging nettles are nasty!!