Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Tale of Two Memes

I've been tagged by one of my first blog contacts, Macallister Stone, to tell you five little known facts about myself. I've also been tagged by Susan Abraham to tell you five things I love and hate about winter. It's been a while since I've done a meme. Here goes!

Five Little Known Facts About Me
1. As a child, I was always more comfortable around adults than other children.

2. I used to play the French Horn in grade school. Now, I mess around on the piano and play the bagpipes. (I owe you folks a recording. The last one is way down in my archives.)

3. I quit everything when I was twelve. Boy Scouts. Baseball. Band. (Hmmm, maybe I had a problems with B-words.) I stepped onto the road to non-conformity when I was 12.

4. Between the ages of 7 and 13, I lived in Buffalo, New York. To this day, I feel like moving away was the death of a budding version of myself. Strangely enough, I moved back to the same school in Pennsylvania I left when we went to Buffalo. I can't complain though, since I'm very happy with the person I am. But sometimes I wonder who I would've been if I didn't have that disruption at that time.

5. I would love to direct a movie.

Five Things I Love About Winter
1. For some reason the cold weather outside and warm light inside gets me in the mood for classical music. I especially like Baroque featuring the harpsichord.

2. The intense blue of twilight reflected in snow.

3. Storms which leave you house-bound.

4. Being in a place so quiet that the sound of snow hitting the ground is loud.

5. The brightness of the winter night sky.

Five Things I Hate About Winter
1. Never knowing when a patch of ice is going to make my drive far more interesting.

2. Waiting for a late train in the blowing cold.

3. Stepping into a deep slush puddle in the city.

4. When your gloves get wet and your fingers freeze.

5. Never knowing when a patch of ice is going to make my walk far more interesting. I had a brutal fall in the forest last year. Good thing I only broke what I was carrying.

Does anyone want to be tagged? Let me know and I'd be happy to do it!

UPDATE: so far, I tag Bev.


Anonymous said...

I love winter and the feeling of being all warm and cosy indoors with all the curtains drawn and lights turned down low. Baroque music is great!

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hi Jason,
And I'd love to see you direct a film.

Thanks for being so supportive about the tag and your winter meme sounds sharply observant. Like I'm thinking to myself "...I wish I had thought of that..."
I do enjoy Baroque music as well and I'm happy to note that your version of a winter twilight could almost have touched the same spot as my favourite January dusks in London. Thank you, Jason.

Jeff said...

I'm also a fan of the harpsichord in Baroque.
One of my favorite times in winter is when I can sit before a nice fire and watch the snow falling outside. Like you, one of my least favorite things is dealing with the ice, on or off the road.

Anonymous said...

You think that's bad, you want to try playing a harpsichord with wet, soggy gloves on your frozen hands, and then not be paid and have to get the train home, which is late (due to a snow storm). So to warm yourself up on that cold, blowing platform, you walk vigorously up and down but slip on some ice and then fall in front of the delayed train that just arriving at that very moment!

Anonymous said...

Jason, I'd love to get tagged for this one!

And I really liked all of your answers (and I say, if it isn't Baroque, don't fix it --- okay, don't throw things!!)

anna said...

Buffalo? Bagpipes?
The more I know about you the more I think I know you.
I grew up just outside N Falls
and there is the best bagpipe school in the world not very far from me now.
enjoyed these!

Anonymous said...

it's nice learning more about you.

Anonymous said...

Marie, we just had a cold snap here, so I definitely hear what you're saying! :)

Susan, my pleasure. :) Yes, winter twilight is amazing, isn't it?

Jeff, the sound quality of the harpsichord just can't be beat. It's so evocative of a particular feel.

dba lehane, I think you just described my personal hell. :D

Bev, ha! Very happy to tag you. :)

Anna, small world. See, we must have sensed that common context. The Great Lakes region is wonderful (although a tad snowy).

Anonymous said...

Kate, thanks. :) That's the best part about blogs, I think.