Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Breakfast Club

I'd like to give the Requiem video a little more airtime, so I'll keep it short.

Feeling a little introspective today? Here's a question I've been meaning to ask you. What was the favorite time in your life? Was it long ago, or is it now? When did you most feel like yourself?


Anonymous said...

i don't know that i've really reached that point yet, gotten there. is that sad? i think i'm just about to hit my stride.

but so far the best times have been the first couple of years that i moved out on my own. my early 20s when i started to live some sort of normal life. those were fun times. those were the years that made me, me.

iamnasra said...

Wow hard questions
I feel now I enjoy living though at times hard times are there but Im happy. When do you feel like myself this so hard question I will pass for that

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

I find these difficult questions to answer, Jason but it's possibly just me.
I have many favourite moments in my life and couldn't single out just one as being the most enriching.
Also, when did I most feel like myself?
I think 4 phases: working as a fashion journalist, becoming a travel writer, living in London and now the aspiring novelist & playwright.
Again, each draws its own sensation of evolvement, each phase taking me into a higher elation of myself & each having had its own moments of a tremendous joy. I wait eagerly for the fifth phase. :-)

anne said...

Woah... Those are tough questions, m'dear!
Don't know, really. I guess every "era" of my life has had fantastic moments. And horrible ones as well, but let's not dwell on those... As for the moment when I felt most like myself, well, I blame the voices in my head but, really, can't think of one! ;)

jenn said...

When I was twenty, I did a semester of school in the UK. I can only equate the awakening I felt in my soul during that period to what it feels like to wake up to the most beautiful sunny summer morning after a good night's sleep.

I like to think that I'll find that kind of contentment again, and in a slightly more permanent form...

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, I'm kicking around a similar question. I seem to be encountering an uncanny number of things that connect with another part of my life. Songs, smells, people, even habits all seem to be resurfacing. It wasn't my favorite time in my life, but it seems to have relevance today!

To answer your question, I don't know what my favorite time in my life is. If I had to pick one, I'd say right now, so far. ;)

mermaid said...

Probably the last year of college, when I met my husband, and was taking a lighter course load. I was able to take courses like Native American culture and African American literature, when I was so used to science courses as a bio major.

My writing workshop at Esalen, Big Sur last fall was also pretty spectacular.

I am also near that time now. I'm reading a book called Forgive for Good by Dr. Luskin, and I'm learning to recreate all the good stories in my life that were overshadowed by the bad ones:)

Anonymous said...

**Thank you everyone for commenting so far!

Kate, actually, I think it's exciting! Much better to feel like you are coming together and starting to shine as person than feeling like you once had it together, but wandered off.

Nasra, great to see you! A truly gifted person would answer this question, "right now" at every point of his/her life. You sound content. :)

Susan, embracing phases sounds like a very free way to live. I admire that. Not to be tied to the successes and regrets of the prior phases....

Anne, it's a hard question, or series of questions, I know. The answers say a lot about our perceptions of ourselves.

Jenn, I'm curious about what inspired that feeling when you were there? At what point did it slip away?

JLB, liking the right-now is a great place to be. I understand the pull from other times, though. Maybe part of you wants to reconnect with some fundamental moments in your past which built you as person. Those moments can get dusty. It's important not to lose touch, because it's hard to steer a straight path to where you're going when you lose track of where you've been.

Mermaid, that sounds like a wonderfully open time when you were free to explore and experience without the pressures and narrowing focus of later life.

Chemical Billy said...

Now, now. Any night I've sat down to work on the book, and been in the groove. Any morning walking to work, when the book comes alive in my head.

Like this morning.

I'm sure I'll run into more walls, but if I can remember how it feels when I know I have something good going - it's all worth it.

kcterrilynn said...

For me, it's right now. I moved to Denver exactly six months ago and it's the best decision I ever made. Starting from scratch was hard at first, finding a job, meeting new people, but I'm finally finding my groove, finally finding myself. It's amazing. I miss my family and friends in Kansas City, but I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. I like the phrase 'feeling most like myself' because I truly do feel more like myself that I ever have.

Bev said...

back before the whole world got turned upside down there was a happy time

maybe i can get it back if i can sort everything out

thanks for a piece of your world

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

Peace, Shalom, Salaam:

There is only the right now.

Yesterday is a dream,
tomorrow is a wish.

God knows best so live the moment.

Be well,

nuh ibn

Joni said...

When have I felt most like myself? Well, I guess it depends on which self. I've carried out a number of roles. As a single adult I had a blast in college with my performing groups and I miss that part of myself. Being on stage, new friends, first dates. I feel I really learned how to thrive then.

Now I'm a stay at home mommy and have the security of a wonderful marriage. The excitement level has definitely dropped, but there is a peace now that I couldn't have found on my own. Most fun = then. Most fulfilling = now.

I think experience plus time equals wisdom, so I'm looking forward to those "golden years."

Wilf said...

Now. Always now.

Jay said...

I sincerely hope that the best lies ahead, always ahead. I never want to be alive if the best times are in the past.

Anonymous said...

Chemical Billy, your comment made me want to take a deep breath just to enjoy it.

KC, I imagine that sometimes we need the freedom to be ourselves. Without breaking away, we can't stop being the reflection of what's around us.

Ann, when the storm is blowing, if you can manage to hang onto your compass, you'll return to your course when the stars break through.

Nuh, yesterday can be the kind of dream that leaves you with a hangover. I agree, though, that it should not control you.

Joni, roles, yes. I can understand that. Do you feel a current underlying those roles? Does it flow somewhere outside of them all?

Wilf, the blessed answer. :)

Jay, you know, I think you have a point there. A little longing, a little dissatisfaction keeps the moss from growing.

anne frasier said...

it was my senior year of high school when i scored the winning touchdown. wait. that wasn't me. but i have to say the last few months of high school is a time i look back on with great affection. my parents moved across the country and left me with a friend so i could finish school. my parents had always been extremely strict, so i suddenly had total freedom. i did whatever i wanted. stayed out all night. drank too much. did too many drugs. first time i ever got a 4.0 grade average too.

jenn said...


I think it was inspired in part by the fact that this was the first time that I had been truly on my own, and partly because of the openness of the people I came in contact with: I'm sure they all had their moments of self-conciousness, but they never seemed to let it slow them down or prevent them from enjoying themselves (that I could see). I had never experienced that before.

The feeling stayed with me for a number of months after I returned to North America, but slipped away inside of a year. Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of that... freedom again. It's so exhilirating.

Anonymous said...

Anne, sounds like a weight lifted. Like you finally got to breathe the air for the first time. The first time you called your own shots.

Jenn, freedom and coming of age. What a wonderful time it sounds like. I can imagine how infectious the openness around you was.

Unknown said...

Right now :) And the feeling increases every passing day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Vibhanshu! The now is always the most potent. It's a gift when you treasure it the most.

Scott said...

Hey, that's a really good question; one not easily answered. Sometimes I think it was my college years, when I really let loose. But loose is also part of the expression loose cannon, and that is certainly what I was. Ah, I know. Right after college, for the year of my first job, when me and the guys lived in a rented house and had a group of foreign nannies as our companions. We had parties every weekend; all blow outs.