Monday, April 23, 2007

Entry #21

Washing Up
by Mutley The Dog

I put it all back.

Just like it had been.

After I had finished washing the knives that is, that bloody night of awakening - all of thirty years ago now.

They didn’t have forensic science then like they do now. The sink stayed as I had stashed it – for years. Years.

The Police never thought to check.

I would see the pots and pans and plates stained with moulds and food still sitting there for a while; unmoved and unmoving, as the house roughened up the way empty places do when bad things have happened. Grease and dust marked the windows, a pane or two got broke. Wooden planks, bright and new appeared one day – incongruous like a bloodstained bandage on an old wound, to late to staunch the flow – but hiding that families memorial.

As I walked past each day I would wonder –what would have happened- what could have happened to me if anyone had moved that stuff – if they had been worth the trouble, if it had not been so damn easy for me? If the Police – lazy, careless - had only thought to ask, had only known that the poor do wash up – at that time cleanliness was all they had.

That and sparkling carving knives. And bones.

I got away with it then – I’ve got away with it a thousand times since.

It gave me the taste – and when I have eaten I always do the washing up.

Its only fair after all.


Unknown said...

Nasty little kitchen sink horror, Mutley. Nicely done.

Jaye Wells said...

I like a dash of humor with death, makes it more palatable. Nice job.

Beth said...

I don't like horror, but enjoyed this. Reminded me of Hannibal ... and I do like him.

Unknown said...

Ooh it's you really gave us an understanding of this killer. Funny, but kind of creepy that I'm laughing. Great Job Mutley.

briliantdonkey said...

nice combo of creepy and funny. Thanks for sharing


Pallav said...

IS this what you did to Jenny??? you sick sick man!!!



Anonymous said...

Nice twist with the cannibalism. You've got me thinking, maybe I'd better look under those dishes for real.

High marks for entertainment value.