Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Entry #43

Dirty Rose
by Nothingman

“Ring Ring” says the phone.

Dinah doesn’t pay attention to it. She flips the channel on the tv.

“RING RING!” the phone says again, a bit louder this time.

Dinah looks at the phone with contempt in her eyes and the phone returns a sheepish look.

“Ring Ring?” the phone questions in a hesitating, pleading tone.

“GAAH!” Dinah grumbles to herself and finally picks up the phone.

“What?” she sneers into the phone.

“Party.” the voice at the other end answers.

“Where?” she questions.

“My room.” the voice says with confidence.

“How many?” she says with irritation creeping in her voice.

“Seven.” the voice says comfortably.

“What was it?! A party or a funeral!” she almost laughs. “Any girls? she asks.

“Just one.” the voice says.

“Perverts.” Dinah chides the voice at the other end.

“Hey, come on!”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

“Thanks Dinah, I owe you this one.”

“It’s ok son, that’s what mothers are for.”

So, Dinah the cleaner woman picks up the tools of her trade and gets up on her old tired knees to clean up her son’s room next door for the umpteenth time. The son puts down the phone in the next room, looks at the sink with its dirty dishes and throws in an old, dirty rose from last night for mother dearest.

(Nothingman likes to write short stories with at his blog A Story A Day.)


Aparna said...

Nothingman...great story...but a couple of questions:

How long did you take?
Where do you get your ideas from????????

Beth said...

Have you been peeking in on my mom and brother? Yikes. It's them!

Anonymous said...

a simple story that speaks volume. Thanks, Nothingman!

Katie said...

This is great Nothingman.

Ruchi said...

hmm..If there was a prize for translating a picture in the most comprehensive and interesting form...daymmmnnn I'd give it you. ohhh wait a minute.. isnt what this is all bout..? whoops..i think we know whose the winner..! he he....I loveee it!! you know you can say a lottt in just a few words...hmm and mostly, that's considered as a Talent!! Cheers

Zedekiah said...

I love it....simply love it....pure Nothingman style...the one i admire...Yummy..........well fed after a famished couple of weeks....all hail to the storyteller

Pallav said...

First off, thanks for the comments all :) Love you all!!

How much time? umm..can't tell that in public;)
and the ideas, they come from Everywhere buddy :) now don't ask me where that is;)

How did you know!! ;)

Canterbury Soul...
Does that mean you are gonna send Jason a mail voting for me!! ;)

You said it!!*high five*

Wish Jason would have say this and given me the 25$ ;) does amazon ship alcohol to India? we all could have a party ;) Cheers to that!!

Thou shalt be famnished no more...let the day of 9th may come...we are going ballistic at the blog!

Love, respect and madness to you all..Thanks!


Terri said...

I do like how the phone has a voice of its own, lol!

Bharti Bedi said...

Amazing...short simple and amazing..
rock on..

chong y l said...

Hey, do such obliging Mums exist anymore in the nu'e millennium?:)
Good one, I am inspired by brevity of it awe!

Alesea said...

hmm...some real good stuff man....dis is so much your style...cheers....dis is indeed a prize wining entry

MrRyanO said...

Sweet story, Nothingman! But I'd expect nothing always deliver! Good job!

Impressionist said...

Dude this one is amazing :)
jeep writin brotha!!

Peace & LOve

Anonymous said...

good story

kintheatl said...

I like your story. I always find it interesting how we all have such different takes on things!

Anonymous said...

the man with many ideas and a few words....
you da dude....

Pallav said...

And once more...

oh be glad you didn't hear the microwave ;)

Desiderata...I have seen dads who cook and clean...everyday:)

Alesea...prize winning??...that remains to be seen ;) i'm pretty happy you people enjoyed reading this:)

RockDog...High expectations!! yikes! i try my best man :)

Rajeev...I like jeeps! YAY for jeeps!

Puppy...Really? gee thanks man :)

Kineathl...I have a very indifferent take on many things...but :P nevermind :)

Anonymous....I know who you are ;) ;) You da Dudette :)

Thanks all...its fun to read your comments :) and double fun replying!


Anonymous said...

Now there's a cool mom. My mother would've looked at me like I was a bowl of blue-stained pistachios.