Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eight Things Meme Reloaded

I did an eight things meme a little while back, and have recently been tagged again by Angelique, Lisa, and Joanne. Since I'm opening the newest contest tomorrow, I thought I'd better get right on this one.

Here are eight random facts about me:

  1. I don't understand how walking around outside can dirty white sneakers so quickly. We might be better off with dirt-colored sneakers.

  2. If I had the freedom, I would revert to the sleep cycle of a teenager--going to bed in the wee hours of the morning and sleeping away the first part of the day.

  3. I distrust parents, myself included.

  4. My favorite color is green, unless it's black. Even though I know black is the absence of all color, I think of it more how it works with paint--you pour all the colors together to make black.

  5. Most of my youth was part of the crowd (in the sense of two's company, three's a crowd). When I finally had a best friend in high school, I had to compete with his job bagging groceries, buffing his father's muscle car, and his perpetual lack of originality.

  6. Seeing my father interact with people made me uncomfortable around those whose every thought is transparent to the world. In reaction, I'm quiet, still, and watchful.

  7. I once captured a katydid and carried it off a crowded train to Chicago. It was such a dreadfully foreign place for a night insect. When I placed it in a flower box up on street level, I think I wanted to do something that no one had done for me.

  8. I almost always sneeze twice.

Would anyone like to be tagged? I'm not sure who to single out.

Check back tomorrow for the "Halo" Short Fiction Contest.


Unknown said...

I do revert to the sleep pattern of a teenager; every holiday, except I don't seem to be able to sleep till noon anymore!

Terri said...

I'm with you on the sleep pattern. Mornings are wasted on me, mostly.
Oh... Hi, I'm back :-)
And really enjoying your Westinghoused series. And Loved the Lord of the Rings alternate ending, btw!

mermaid said...

Very specific, but I woudn't have expected anything less, given your writing. #3 explains a lot of your comments on my blog on parenting.

Anonymous said...

Verilion, there is just something alluring about it.

Terri, so great to have you back! I know it must be hard, though. I hope it hasn't been too painful leaving SA again.

Mermaid, yes, that it is where it comes from. As hard as people think parenting is, I think the truth is that it is even harder.

bekbek said...

Colors. I remember arguing with acquaintances about the absence of color in black. I understood the scientific sense of it, the abstract of it, quite well, but other people often seemed unwilling to do so. In the practical world, you can't make a black shirt by NOT putting color on it.

I've become much more practical myself, in the past handful of years. But I still giggle now and then, remembering a joke my sister and I used to guffaw over: "It only LOOKS green." Of course it only looks green, color is subjective... Still seems funny to me, still unintelligible to most...