Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Entry #81

Forest For the Trees
by Roberta Nolte

She looked up painfully, remarking to herself that she could even see. All she could make out through her bloodied eyes was the tree stand. Light filtered through it as if everything was all right.

Nothing was all right - nothing at all.

She’d taken the right path on her run, turned left at the sign and plodded down the path. Her music pressed her onward. She listened to solid rock, mostly, a little soul. There was nothing too aggressive.

Raising herself from the mud pile, she regretted not listening to something more aggressive.

Running along, she made the south end curve and something hit her from the side, knocking her down.

In separate attacks, she felt as if she was being pummeled again and again.

She was helpless. Not knowing what she could do to protect herself, she rolled into a ball and played dead. After a while, she passed out.

“Who could do this to me!” she said as she began to unroll and assess her injuries.

Across the path, several doe stood eating grass with their fawns, completely unfazed.

She moved slowly from the ground and pulled her slight figure from the mud. Searching the light she found her way south.

She didn’t hesitate flipping the doe the bird on her way out of the woods.


Unknown said...

What an intriguing story, gripping right to the end and nice pace. Liked the final line :-)
Nicely done, Roberta.

Anonymous said...

hee hee... my favorite line, "Raising herself from the mud pile, she regretted not listening to something more aggressive."

Anonymous said...

Nice pace and a good payoff at the end.

Bernita said...

Makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Smiling here too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I liked the ending too

tea and cake said...

Ooh, those creepy trees! Well done.

SzélsőFa said...

Very intensive, one could almost sense everything the woman feels...
I am not really comfortable with forest/creatures of the forest being aggressive, though - but the writing itself was great.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to show those animals their place. I like how the doe sticks around. The protagonist doesn't evoke any fear at all.