Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Entry #1

Dragonfly’s Breakfast
by Nothingman

The dragonfly watched the orange clouds painted in the sky as the sun slowly rose like a big, fiery ball full of hydrogen.

She was called Ostar. She flew around the still waters of the pond which mirrored the orange sky. Ostar liked her morning rounds of the pond at bottom of which fat frogs rested in their slimy little palaces. Now she buzzed near the spot where she had said ‘bye’ to Rivik last evening. Just as the little demon called Boredom got poised to knock on the door of her mind she heard a loud rrribbid behind her. She smiled and flew in a circle coming face to face with Rivik who was the fattest frog in seven ponds and further. He was no prince, but for her he was better than the boy dragonflies that flew around her all day. Their insistent buzzing gave her a headache and she preferred Rivik’s deep, resonant, luxurious rrribbid. She flew and sat on his back as Rivik gave a loud rrribbid which left Ostar’s tiny heart tingling and jingling.

He had told her last evening that they were going for breakfast.

She knew when she told her father about Rivik he would never agree, but she also knew in her heart of hearts that were meant to be together, now and Forever!

And in a small hollow under the aged nameless tree, five brothers of Rivik waited for him and breakfast.

[The writer writes under the name Nothingman, and is the proud owner of two blogs A Story A Day and Poetry?. He aims to explore the black depths of his own soul through his writings, and its been- a fun ride so far. He also works as part time God and a full time down-loader.]


Sarah Hina said...

Ooh, you killed me with that last line!

This is very imaginative, and wickedly clever. Poor, little Ostar. No wonder Rivik is so fat.

Enjoyed your fanciful take. Well done!

SzélsőFa said...

how ironic AND lovely :)
now here's some real fairytale to be heard by young girls, heehee

Anonymous said...

Clever take on falling for the wrong man.

Bernita said...

Oooh, sweet 'n nasty!
VERY well done.
Really, Jason ( I've been reading these in reverse order) you could well have your winners in your first five entries.

JRVogt said...

Hah. Love the twist in perspective...doesn't always have to be human, does it?

Chris Eldin said...

Clever and fun!

Angela said...

Oh, I love it. Totally transported me to another place, time and species! Thanks,

Beth said...

It's like Aesop's only so much better. Absolutely loved it!

I don't write fantasy pieces. Maybe this is why I enjoy them and appreciate them so much.

Hoodie said...

Who doesn't love a good inter-specie love story. I actually felt sorry for the poor dragonfly. Love is fickle.

Great Story!

Thérèse said...

Ha ha, nice!

I liked the different point of view. Fanciful story. I love it.

Pallav said...

Thanks for the comments everyone

its really lovely to participate and be read :)


A Story A Day

raine said...

Nicely twisted, lol. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The second half had a great fairy tale feel. The gentle humor was great too. Poor girl!