Monday, November 12, 2007

Entry #31

He Looked Up
by Bob Edwards

Jason looked up. Seemingly for the very first time since Amy passed away. The sky seemed to be a strange mix of blues and pinks. Jason wondered what the new day would bring. The forecast was for sunny skies but Jason had long given up on the notion of sunny days. He was wounded beyond repair and ached to his soul.

Jason’s thoughts wandered back to brighter days before he married Amy. Oh, how his heart rushed with joy as he remember those times when they ran on the beach ... when they first held hands ... oh, how he loved her laugh. He began to cry ... he started to pray ... it all seemed so devastating ... dear God how could he go on ... how could anything ever makes sense again?

Jason looked up and caught sight of a nest in the tree closest to his deck. It reminded him of that bible passage where Jesus spoke of how God takes care of the birds. He wondered how God could have allowed that truck to hit Amy on her morning bicycle ride ... he agonized as he remembered that he slept in that morning instead of riding with her. He cried some more.

Jason looked up again. The clouds were beginning to clear ... the sun was dawning ... a bird was singing. A small voice inside of him assured him that things would get better. Jason arose to take on the day.


Sarah Hina said...

Sometimes we just have to trust that voice. I like how you phrased that last line: "Jason arose to take on the day." It is obviously a great challenge for him to live without his wife. Poignant story.

Scott Roche said...

Not bad, not bad a'tall. Really short fiction is a tough nut to crack.

Anonymous said...

Great job of making me feel, and sense this man's struggle.


Anonymous said...

Nice imagery. I could feel the quiet morning.