Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Entry #51

by Therese

I glanced up.

Words failed me when he finally reached the rendez-vous point, but the sky seemed to know exactly just what shade of red to turn. Warmth enveloped me as rolling clouds glowed. The sky appeared to know what was about to transpire and was encouraging me. I sighed, but didn't notice the sound I made. Everything I was thinking and feeling was a mirror from above. It pulsed, its changes playful and fluid, dangerous and meaningful. Black trees were friendly shadows, gently brushing him with the soft touch of the cheering wind. Even the temperature, usually too cool in the mornings this season, held a perfect crisp taste and seemed to invite choices.

He saw me run up to him, breathless and flushed in my excitement at seeing him alive. Pulling me into a fierce yet brief embrace for all its intensity, he fairly vibrated with nervousness.

"Ready to give it all up, run away with a fugitive and live abroad?" A wry, self-deprecating smile tugged at the corners of his perfect mouth. His tone changed and his hands dropped from my shoulders. "I know what you're giving up, Magritta…"

I smiled back in perfect understanding. "Yes: a reign of terror and dominance under Nazi leadership." Life without you. "Let's go."

His firm nod and my blazing smile cemented our plans. As we shot off for the unknown, heading toward mountains, my heart was heavy at the thought of what I was leaving behind. Still, my spirit sang.


Sarah Hina said...

Very engaging narrative, set against the backdrop of a tumultuous period of history. Loved how you kept, "Life without you" as her own personal thought. Their "choice" left me feeling very uplifted, as did your last line.

Nicely done!

Beth said...

Interesting subject choice. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

I like the immensity of the sky and colors and how it shows the hugeness of her choice. Good use of the environment for effect.