Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Entry #52

The Belt of Venus
by DyingDusk

I stared out the canopy and there it is; a blue night sky, a colourful dream, and suddenly I felt a gust of wind swept by. I closed my eyes, waiting for the violet satin to take me away, and as the cold pierced my skin I can feel my ember slowly freezing.

Why me? Among all the people in this world why am I chosen?

Throughout these dreadful months, litres and litres of tears poured out uncontrollably. Nothing had stopped my tears from leaking until this serene appeared beauty today. There was no beginning, and no end, but only a colourful transition was reflected upon me. I retrieved myself from the present and walked back along my memories. If I could, I would have increased the contents of this album, but all I have right now are these few precious pages, remaining always in this pristine condition. Just then, I gradually picked up the whispers of the magical twilight colours and my thirst to touch the roaring flames slowly quenched in my mind. This pinkish glow leisurely dyed the night sky, but like Robert Frost said: nothing gold can stay.

As I walked towards the edge of darkness, I waited for the light’s power to advance into the horizon. I listened and noticed that the beeping was starting to extinguish. Knowing that my time has come and that it is ready to rise, my heavy eyelids closed gently, hoping this belt of venus would embrace me eternally.


Sarah Hina said...

Nicely evocative title and tale. I'm not entirely clear about the character's transition, but still enjoyed the read.

SzélsőFa said...

I'm not sure I understood what was going on, but after some google search on Belt of Venus, it was a bit more clear.
Very poetic take.

Beth said...

I know nothing about the belt of venus so feel a bit foolish, but if you're going to quote a master, make a good one. You did.

Abhinav said...

A sure winner all the way. Love it for its poetic feel.

Anonymous said...

These seem like the last moments of thought before death. The character is trying to choose his/her heaven.

I especially liked the celestial theme.