Friday, December 14, 2007

Summer Road

Come away with me
In the night
Come away with me
And I will write you
A song

--Norah Jones, Come Away With Me

You were the summer to me. Every day. You were the motorcycle wind, and the bees, and the fields whose pollen softened the sun.

I slept with you in a meadow and woke touching stars. Time never moved, even when the mountains rolled beneath my feet.

I braved the sunset. I bared my skin to your talon eyes.

Under your wings, the rush became the blurring road.

Come away with me.


Because I can write you a song.


Admin said...

that's so beautiful!

Bernita said...


Sarah Hina said...

I love Norah's song. But this is better.

The contrast between movement and stillness is really quite lovely. And the line, "I bared my skin to your talon eyes." Revealing, in more ways than one.

One of my favorites.

Vesper said...

More than beautiful, Jason...
Every sentence is perfect.
Thank you.

Jaye Wells said...

Your first line is so simple, yet powerful. The rest just gets better and better.

virtual nexus said...

...The blurring road really pulled me into the layered imagery.

Aine said...

With you I'll go anywhere life takes us. Your words feed my head, your melody feeds my heart.

Thank you

AngelConradie said...

woah... incredible!
i wanna know more!!!
i want someone to write about me like that!

Anonymous said...

Vesper, thanks. :)

Bernita, thanks to you too!

Sarah, when I first heard that song, I was hypnotized. It kind of feels like laying your head in your lover's lap and having fingers brush through your hair.

Vesper, "come away with me," is such a powerful phrase, isn't it? So much wrapped up in four words. The feeling of fleeing the world. The feeling of being chosen.

Jaye, this one is all true.

Julie, much appreciated. This one was a walk through memory. And an invitation to relive it.

Aine, that summer is always close. I lived it as I rode the train yesterday. I brought some of it home to share with you.

Szelsofa, thank you. =)

Angel, I'll offer glimpses over time. ;) I don't doubt that you'll choose the kind of person who will speak the kind of words you want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Huge fan (hand up in the air). Over here! Me . . . fan extraordinaire.

WH said...

" ... because I can write you a song." I think you just did. Beautiful work from the wordsmith.

raine said...

That is absolutely beautiful, almost achingly romantic.

x said...

Lovely incorporation of a song that is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard.

Joanne said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful thoughts.

mermaid said...

No words to describe this.

Sweet memory.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, kind of you to say so! I never tire of seeing what you all bring to life on your pages.

Billy, love is expressed in so many ways. We writers are the ones to offer words.

Raine, yes, you captured it. We can reach back, but not without some of that ache.

TIV, the first time I heard it, I was speechless.

Joanne, thanks, my friend.

Mermaid, those words were more than enough. :)

G said...