Friday, January 04, 2008


One more candle to blow
Then out
Too small to smear
Warm wax on fingers

But while the candles flame
A multitude of company
I want to touch each
And contemplate the burn

Strike a match
To populate the darkness of birth
Blow them out
A celebration singed
One by one


Unknown said...

I want to touch the smooth coolness of your photograph, and breathe in the smokey smell of your poem. May 2008 be filled with satisfaction and beauty.

DBA Lehane said...

This was beautifully done and the formatting of *smoke* inspired!

Anonymous said...

I like that. You're smoking too.

SzélsőFa said...

Happy Birthday to another Capricorn!

Chris Eldin said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm a borderline Capricorn.

virtual nexus said...

Cheers - and clever associations ...antlers, horns and tallow dripping it.

Many happy candles in future years.

Kim said...


Happy birthday from one capricorn to another. Mine is in four days. Which day is yours?

Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely!

Missy said...

Such a "visual" poem and certainly an unusal birthday subject. I love surprise perspectives. To many more smoking candles...

Jaye Wells said...

Is it your birthday? Don't want to assume, but if it is yay!

Loved this. The "smoking" part was very cool.

Aine said...

Don't blow out the last one-- you only need one to provide light and warmth...

I don't want candles any more-- just a plain cake. Contemplating the burn of each one is too much anymore. I'd rather think of a happy memory with each bite of cake.

Besides, there would be too many candles this year.... ;)

Vesper said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!

One by one
Add your joys
In the years
To come.

(a chick with a quill)

Anonymous said...

To those with birthday wishes, thank you. :)

Yes, my birthday is/was around now. Thank you for all the warm sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Electric Orchid Hunter, great to see you back! I think you'll notice an upswing in the quality of my photographs (not that I'm fully pleased with this one). I have more tools at my disposal.

DBA Lehane, I think a little touch of that visual fusion can enhance the experience.

Wayne, the coding necessary to format stuff in weird ways can be a pain, but it's worth it.

Szelsofa, thank you. Happy Birthday to you when it comes! Aine predicted that many Clarity of Night readers will be Capricorns. I think that's proving true.

Church Lady, close enough. ;) Thanks.

Julie, thanks for the kind words. =)

Kaycie, sorry that I tend to be coy on the internet. It's very close to now. Happy birthday to you!! I hope the weather grants you a bright day.

Quoting Beth, thanks! And also thanks for the visit.

Missy, glad you found the different perspective intriguing. I like digging at the underside of things.

Jaye, nothing better than a wispy word. :) Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Aine, wise words. Yes, one is best to focus by.

Vesper, a fitting verse. Thank you. :)

Hoodie said...

I love not only the subject of the photo but the color pallette as well. Beautiful.

The idea of equating the years of your life with the calendar year seems clean and fresh to me. Whole.

Happy Birthday and have a great 2008.

WH said...

strike a match
to populate the darkness of birth ...

Brilliant lines, Jason.

Sarah Hina said...

I liked the cadence and contemplation of this one. Birthdays are a time of reflection, in the delirious glow of all that light, and shadow.

Hope your birthday was special, Jason.

The Anti-Wife said...

Happy Birthday, Jason.

Steve H said...

the line 'a celebration singed' is wonderful!

SzélsőFa said...

Mine has come and gone on 23 December, Jason. Thanks!

I am interested in Aine's study of the sign composition of your readers, too.

Cléa said...

The most inspiring birthday post I've ever come across. Here's to more... candles and inspiration.

rel said...

Ah, another flame ignites as one burns out; may your supply of candles last as long as you wish to light them. ;)

x said...

I love how the shape of this poem reflects the content.

Terri said...

Happy Birthday from yet another Capricorn :-)
I love that picture!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Jason. I'm a Capricorn moon - does that qualify me as a Cappie Clarity of Night reader? Beautiful imagery in both the photograph and the poem.

Aine said...

Szelsofa, I'm not an expert in astrology, but I find it amusing when the general characteristics of a "sign" are accurate. Many of the Capricorns that I know are hard-working/disciplined, ambitious, practical/serious, reserved, and a bit pessimistic. These are qualities that would make for artistic bloggers trying to express themselves in a safe environment (because they are reserved and not comfortable communicating in "real life"). The disciplined aspect of their character is important in keeping a blog (it's a lot of work!) and in blogging every day. The pessimism leads to artistic expression (just as you can find ten songs about longing or love lost for every one song about a happy, healthy relationship).

So, there you go, my amateur astrology analysis! :)

SzélsőFa said...

Thanks, Aine!
I found your amateur analysis quite well-grounded and enjoyable.

The Quoibler said...


Loved the interpretation... that sounds so much like a certain blogger... hmmm... could it be the prolific poet who wrote this post's amazing piece? :)


Happy birthday! Though I'm a Sagittarius, a great friend of mine figured out my "chart". Seems I have tons of Capricorn leanings. Whether that means anything or not, we'll have to wait and see. But it's fascinating regardless.

Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Hoodie, the core of that photo was against the dawn light. Getting the artsy effect to the background wasn't easy. Thanks for the well wishes. :)

Billy, thanks, my friend.

Sarah, the horizon between brilliant light and shadow can be so thin and sharp. Birthdays are a good time to balance on the razor edge and contemplate each.

Anti-Wife, thanks. :)

Hotwire, I like to throw alliteration in once in a while.

Szelsofa, I see that you and Aine have dug into this question deeper. I do think being born in winter has an effect. To test it, we'd need to interview some Capricorn folks from the southern hemisphere. I think being born in summer would make them very different.

Bemused, thanks! :) I will keep sharing here as long as the inspiration is strong and alive.

Remiman, it seems daunting now, but I'd be blessed to have the opportunity to light many more candles.

TIV, it's probably a bit unsophisticated on my part, but I do like those little touches once in a while.

Terri, join the club. :) Happy birthday!

Angela, certainly. You're most welcome. :)

Angelique, yes, very close indeed. That definitely counts. :)

Abhinav Maurya said...

Wow... smoking... the smoke really went up. ;-)
That was a very innovative way of putting it. :-)

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

OH, how did I miss this last week! Loved it! What a wonderful way to lyricize your birthday. Happy birthday Jason, I hope you had a lovely time.