Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Entry #60

Winter Love
by Jane Volker

I often go to the field behind my house. There, a dry-stone wall over-run by hawthorn and bramble is where I take shelter from the bitter elements and look across the moor at the lonely old oak on the horizon. I like best to go when the earth is spent from spring and summer procreation and has finally put to rest its autumn finery.

There is an inherent beauty in winter that few ever really notice. Too cold to see. Who stops to look when an artic wind warns against it? Its penetrating chill forces you to look at the ground. A forward stare is met with icy punishment. Look down. Be careful. Don’t slip. Pull your hood closer, your hair is starting to frizz. Watering eyes and dripping noses remind us to get inside quickly.

I wonder if the Earth is just protecting herself?

She does not want us to gaze on her nakedness and modestly demands we look away. Without the veil of leaf and blossom her shame metes out a thrashing on the brazen voyeur.

Cover up. Eyes down. Look away.

I am not like the many. I am not cowed down by freezing winds and battering rain. The frigid fingers of winter are to me a lover’s embrace thrilling every sense. Bleakness and desolation just reveal the bones, the inherent strength of nature’s glory. It gives my heart purpose this winter beauty.

I think she knows. Even in slumber she needs her lovers.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but think as I read your piece how much I feel the same regarding nature in winter.

To me, the mountains I live in show their true and honest selves in winter. Harsh and unforgiving to some, I see that which is solid, strong, and eternal - always there, whether under meters of snow or thick stands of pine.

I think that is why I like this line best:

"Bleakness and desolation just reveal the bones, the inherent strength of nature’s glory."

Sarah Hina said...

A very fine, lyrical meditation on winter. I loved the personification of the tree and nature here, and our own weaker part in it.

Beautiful writing, and vision.

Beth said...

There have been a lot of stories from the tree's perspective, but this was absolutely sensational ... and beautiful.

BernardL said...

Soothing rhythm.

JaneyV said...

With all me heart I thank you all for your kind comments. I'm glad I hadn't read any other entries before I sent mine in or I wouldn't have! Then I wouldn't have read these supportive comments which have made my day!

Thanks again
Jane x

Unknown said...

I loved this. Aside from the fact that I relate so completely to your view of winter, you've created beautiful and strong imagery that I can powerfully see. And I love the lyricism inherent in your writing. Beautifully done.

SzélsőFa said...

Some very beautiful imaginery and thoughts here, Jane.
It was about last winter, everyone felt it was enough of the cold, and complained about the barrenness of lands everywhere in sight - when my daughter, than aged 7, said that how nice winter was, because we were able to see the real shape of trees.
I, too tend to think winter is a time for some brutal honesty. Which, might lead to find some great inner beauty.

paisley said...

what an inspiringly beautiful piece... i love the way you talked about the fact that winter just might be modest.. what an excellent take on that....

Anonymous said...

This is such a strong piece because the narrator is so clear on who she is; without overstating, we get a sense of her, as well as this lovely, poetic moment to muse about winter. Very nice.

Geraldine said...

This story really spoke to me, beautiful and haunting. I'm glad I took the time to read the later entries too!

Geraldine H.

Hoodie said...

Holy Canoli, I LOVE this. At first I was thinking, "I'm going to have to say how much I love the second paragraph," but then I kept reading and was mesmerized by every word.


bluesugarpoet said...

"Even in slumber she needs her lovers." I love that line. It reminded me how we are also like the tree in that respect. Beautiful imagery!

JaneyV said...

The generosity of all the participants in this competition has overwhelmed me. Thank you again for everyone who has left these kind and encouraging remarks. It's been truly AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I like the place, the niche, this person finds. A unique sense of season which feels welcoming and comforting, even in the harshness.

Aine said...

"Bleakness and desolation just reveal the bones, the inherent strength of nature’s glory."

I had not thought of winter this way. It's wonderful! Thanks for giving me a new perspective! I love the idea that the Earth "does not want us to gaze on her nakedness and modestly demands we look away."

I really enjoyed this!