Sunday, February 03, 2008

Night Falls Again

We're back from our travels! The regular Clarity of Night posting schedule and content returns tomorrow.

Here's the Evans' review of the top thrill rides at Disney World:

#3 Everest, Animal Kingdom. (Rollercoaster featuring reverse motion, a multi-story drop, and a visit from the Yeti.)

Jason: The serious reverse gets major speed and angle upward. I cried during the drop. The Yeti wasn't that scary.

Aine: Why are you waking me up? I was dreaming about a big white bunny. And a gentle breeze. It was nice.

#2: Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios. (Free fall ride following a tour through a haunted hotel.)

Jason: The computer produces random rides. It's evil. I hate it. (Did I mention I hate dropping?)

Aine: I think I felt something, I think I felt something! Wait, this ride is over too? Dear lord.

#1: Rockin' Rollercoaster, Hollywood Studios. (Rollercoaster featuring a high speed launch, and multiple inversions.)

Jason: The only reason I retain my sanity is because the inversions happen in the dark, and my brain is in an altered state of consciousness because of the magnetic propulsion launch.

Aine: Can we go again? Come on, they have a external cardiac defibrillator and everything! You'll be fine.


The Quoibler said...

Jason & Aine:

Dear Lord, you two are brave souls! (And Aine, I think you're a bit of a thrill-seeker, eh?)

I prefer terra firma. No "death drops" for me. :) But I liked the reviews!

Glad you had a wonderful trip to Mickey's Retreat.


Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Hey Jason!
Disney is so much fun. I used to be a Disney-downer until my husband and I took our girls last year for the very first time. They were finally at an age where they would be able to ride most, if not all, of the rides, didn't need a stroller, and could keep up with us walking here and there and everywhere. Everest was one of our favorite rides! And the staging before the ride was awesome too. We absolutely loved that ride and only went to Animal Kingdom for that ride specifically. We did the land-sea package and only had two days in the theme parks - not enough time, would not recommend that. Our other top ride was Sorin' in Epcot. You didn't really go anywhere; it was all a head trip, but so amazing how easily we humans can be fooled.

Cool blog, btw!

Jaye Wells said...

Wait, you guys did take the kids, right?

Kim said...

I'm jealous! I love roller coasters and haven't been on one in two or three years.

Glad at least one of you enjoyed the rides. ;)

Terri said...

Jason, I sympathise. Last time I was on a rollercoaster I screamed from start to finish without even taking breath.
Aine, you're clearly insane.

Aine said...

Angelique, my stomach has become more sensitive as I've grown older, but I still love the sensation of being thrown in all directions.

Besides, relatively speaking, Disney rides are quite tame.

Sheri, welcome! Yes, Disney is getting better at making the wait time more than wasted time. We enjoyed the Yeti museum so much, we actually had to "keep up" -- the line was moving faster than we wanted (did I just say that?)

Jaye, isn't that what inlaws are for? ;)

Kaycie, don't let Jason fool you-- he loved feeling his stomach in his throat! Sounds like you are in need of a rollercoaster fix.

Terri, I'm only insane for free fall sensations. The spinning rides are becoming less attractive as I get older (or maybe it's only since pregnancy....)

virtual nexus said...

Been there, didn't do that, got the t shirt - glad you had a great time...

(Celebrated my 40th in Disney with les enfants)

Anonymous said...

Jaye, the kids were with us. Actually, our older daughter loves all these rides. Here response is simply, again again! As Aine says, our inlaws were with us, so our younger daughter could hang out with them. Our younger daughter got mad when I spun the tea cups too fast. :(

Anonymous said...

Julie, those tower of terror t-shirts are cool.

SzélsőFa said...

I love your funny comments :) It seems that you enjoyed the ride.

Chris Eldin said...

Even the teacups are too fast for me! You two are brave souls!!!!
Glad you had a great time!
And I was thinking that it must've been nice--good weather, lines not too long. The perfect time. I will never never never go somewhere like that in the summer. Egads!

Welcome back!

Angela said...

Too funny, you guys. Glad you had fun.