Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shores of Spring

Comments are now added to each contest entry from Jason, and Aine has about half to go. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your "Whispers."

Now, it's time to dispel the ghosts. Here is the "Shores of Spring," a bagpipe serenade to the coming sights and colors of spring.

--Jason Evans
John Walsh Shuttle Pipes
"The Shores of Argyll"


SzélsőFa said...

wow, I wish I could play an intrument! Nice compilation of photos!

iLL Man said...

Nice work Jason. Somethingof an esoteric instrument the pipes, even in Scotland/Ireland. When did you learn to play?

Unknown said...

Woah, I haven't been here in a while. So, erm.. hi. I see you've been busy - and had a contest without me. :(

I'm at the lab right now, so I couldn't listen to your piece (no speakers, see). I'll have to stop by again tonight.

I apologize for my absence.

Anonymous said...

Szelsofa, thanks. :) Music is a creative outlet I wish I could develop more.

Illman, yes, esoteric indeed! I've always had a fascination with the pipes. I remember seeing a pipe band when I was at a Boy Scout camp. It stopped me in my tracks. Anyway, as the internet grew in the late 90's, I realized I had all the tools within reach to learn how to play. I started on my own, then took lessons locally. I bought my instruments on-line, including a set of Great Highland Bagpipes handmade in Scotland.

Electric Orchid Hunter, you've been missed! I knew you were busy, but I was beginning to wonder if we lost you. Good to see you back.

Jaye Wells said...

Oh man. I can't hear pipes without getting choked up. No matter the song, they always sound so mournful to me. But they juxtapose nicely with the images of spring. Thanks for the multimedia feast.

Unknown said...

Wild horses couldn't keep me away (what a silly expression), but life in the lab almost did. My aphid conference went very well, and I had a great time in D.C., so now it's back to the usual routine, hopefully.

Your video clip seems to have disappeared. Or am I a technical incompetent?

Unknown said...

Nevermind - I found it here. You are multi-talented, I'm jealous. Generally I'm not a big fan of bagpipes, unless they are of the Uilleann persuasion (guess I was overexposed to blaring pipes at the annual Durban Military Tattoo as a youth), but this was very nice indeed.

JaneyV said...

I'm with The Electric Orchid Hunter as rule preferring the Uileann Pipes (but then I am Irish - so I would) because they have a smoother sound, but this was beautiful. As much as I'm bewitched by winter there is a huge sense of relief when old mother nature starts to spring back to life. The magnolia in my front garden has enormous swollen blossom buds on it right now. I have a great sense of optimism as I check it every day to see if it's ready to burst into flower. If the weather stays mild I think it'll only be another week or two.
I do envy your amazing artistic talents!

Sarah Hina said...

I'm with Jaye. Bagpipes automatically bring tears to my eyes. But I'm not sure why. Anyway, lovely playing, Jason. Puts my clarinet to shame. ;)

I have been so hungry for spring lately. This was like an appetizer that just teases and stokes the appetite. I loved the photo of the fish skimming beneath the water, and the fan-shaped leaves at the end.

So inviting.

Anonymous said...

Jaye, so much for choosing a happier tune.... I guess you're right. Unless it's a dance tune, the pipes sound mournful.

Electric Orchid Hunter, glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! As for the pipes, yes, I'm a big fan of the Uilleann Pipes also. Very expressive and nostalgic sounding. I'd try them, but I'm really not ready to learn a whole new fingering pattern.

JaneyV, beautiful thoughts, my friend. Here in Pennsylvania, late winter cold is holding on. We're not getting that rush of life yet. Just tonight, though, the first spring peepers were singing.

Sarah, yes, all those warm appetizers were butlered past on trays, but we didn't get to savor many of them! I'm ready too. Sorry if the pipes were sad. But then again, if my tune evoked any emotion (other than cringing, of course), I'm grateful for it.