Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Spotted Salamander
(Ambystoma maculatum)
A species of mole salamander living most of its life
underground. It can be found closer to the surface
in the cool, wet days of spring.

She licked hunger from the air.

Baptized it with teeth.

Gleaming and panting for blood.

His rock-vein hands squeezed her onto a precipice. She climbed his man lines, clawed him like a tipping mountain.

And she begged for it to fall.

Above them, the forest leaves with her spellbound legs, shivering, then clenched. Like roots deciding to splinter stone.

Images squirmed. Wet and living.

She thought of salamanders tunneling in the deep. And the nameless things they did there.

He crushed against her.

Salamanders poured and spiraled. Clutching. Nibbling a protoplasm earthquake.

The torn soil drank her scream.

He sank into her.

Some part of him gone.

In the dark of her closed eyes, butterflies wandered. Drowned in the smell of Earth, the colorful stars lived only in her eyes.


Vesper said...

Wow! I'm almost wordless. A gem.

Sarah Hina said...

All of this, shuddering and convulsing beneath the surfaces. The need is deep, that animal urgency for now. Even as they sink past the salamanders, they fly.

Very powerful, Jason.

Geraldine said...

Wow indeed! I love your range of interests and how you take on each topic in a fresh light and approach Jason.

Well done, again and again. G

Aine said...

Musty scent and slippery sensations during the oldest of nature's acts. The fertility of moist soil, always ready to receive and nurture a seed. Who can't relate?

I love how you can transcend the ordinary; describing a common human experience in a new, unprecedented way.

I like the earthiness here. Perhaps you could write parallel scenarios that reflect each of the four elements (since they can all be found in lust): earth, water, fire, and air.

Of course, you realize, that means this would be the Hufflepuff version... just sayin'...

Scott said...

I'm having trouble reconciling with salamanders and sex. You know me, always so literal minded!

Anonymous said...

Vesper, I really went out on a limb with this one. Thanks for indulging me this flight of fancy!

Sarah, the cocktail in my brain for this one was wetness, softness, the dark smell of earth, and the squirm of flesh. What better platform than a salamander picture! ;) (Okay, it doesn't make a ton of sense to me either.)

Geraldine, I like to push the envelope. Blogging is such a delicious format for experimentation. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Aine, what a great idea! I wasn't thinking of the four primal elements when I wrote this, but I could definitely look for other weird ways to leap into the others!! You captured how the rumbling voice of earthsounds were the heart of this one.

Scott, I don't blame you at all, my friend. This one was scraping the fence of left field. But then again, that's what I enjoy about it.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I guess even Salamanders are allowed a great sex life ... I'm jealous even!

JaneyV said...

This is quite intoxicating Jason. I think Aine's idea of the four elements would be fabulous and no better man than yourself to deliver!

Anonymous said...

Aggie, they're pretty hot, aren't they? ;)

Janey, thanks for that vote of confidence! No matter what I come up with, it's certain to be odd.

FANCY said...

Well...sensual when it is best...The heat is on...Phuuuu...:)

Unknown said...

I love the line " The torn soil drank her scream"