Monday, July 14, 2008

Entry #28

Entry #28
Ridin’ in the Dark
by Rusty La Violette

“Don’t know why we gotta leave so early, for heaven sakes! We still have 2000 miles to go on this darned campin’ trip!” Madge yanks at her helmet strap and turns on her microphone.

“Just git in the hack so we can git goin’.“ John checks the tent-trailer hitch and latches Madge into the sidecar, confining her complaints in the fiberglass capsule.

“Remember! Take the Highway 141 turn-off! ” she says. He just nods, as usual, then fires up the engine. Better watch for the turn myself ‘cause that man rides on ‘mental automatic’.

The power poles hypnotically zip past as Madge struggles to keep watch, but the engine's rumble and sidecar’s rocking soon lull her asleep. Miles down the narrow road, John cranks on the brakes and screeches to a rough stop. Madge wakes abruptly. “Crying in a bucket, John! Now what’s wrong?”

He looks around. Steep bank up the left side. A deep ditch of tall weeds on the right. Twenty feet back, the cut-off to Highway 141. And no room to turn around. He pauses, then cuts a sharp right, twists the wick and drops down through the ditch, up the short bank and onto the highway, dragging weeds and rubble into the belly parts of the rigs. He doesn’t even look down at her. Knows she’ll be wide-eyed and shouting.

“Probably should git my helmet earphones easier on the rig. But then, I sure do like hearin’ the engine purr, and the other being––silent.”

[Rusty La Violette is. That's all, just––"IS".]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the morning smile! This was a delight in character development. The reader can see/feel the relationship. Loved the 'mental automatic'. Sooo true.
Been there/done that writing at its best. Well done.

Sameera Ansari said...

That was cute :)

I could feel the engine power up as he did that daring turn.

Very well done!

wrath999 said...

Very enjoyable

'The power poles hypnotically zip past as Madge struggles to keep watch,' like this


BernardL said...

Good comic interaction. :)

Lena said...

really enjoyed reading it :)

My crazy life said...

Good story. You made me believe for a minute that John was going to get rid of Marge in the ditch. -Rita

Sarah Hina said...

I liked their relationship, because it felt so true.

It's hard to escape with a sidecar along, but it looks like he found a way. ;)

Nice writing! Well told.

Scott said...

This reminds me of when I was in college, and how everyone was so afraid of my driving. You painted the scenery nicely!

JaneyV said...

Funny and yet strangely moving. I think the characters rang so true you just warm to them and their grumpy acceptance of each other, loving and hating each other's faults.

You brought a smile to my face. Really nice ;0)

Esther Avila said...

Real life. Great job with this story. I used to be more like the person in the sidecar but have turned more into him now.

AngelConradie said...

very cool! nice take on the picture!

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

I admit to sometimes feeling the same as him. Even as I read and write, I have headphones on and am listening to Pandora, rather than to the chaos that is my family around me.

I could really relate to this guy.

laughingwolf said...

thx for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Great interaction! I especially liked dragging the weeds into the highway. Nice touch. Good pacing and entertainment.

Aine said...

Couples that interact like this are so comical.

Jason and I have those earphones for when we ride. Hmmm... you've given me an idea....