Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Entry #137

In Vino Veritas
by Yamini Murty

A troupe of four young, worthy men
Decent, handsome and best of friends
Went out for an excursion to their favourite place
To a beach where emotions found solace.

“I remember in our college days
When sun shone bright and fortune played
The girls were a joyous treat
Our spirits were high, passions upbeat”

“Indeed”, candidly said one of them
“I wish our parents wouldn’t condemn
Our idiosyncratic approach to life
Where without booze we wouldn’t survive”

“And why do we talk of the censures of the past
Let’s celebrate the moment under the azure so vast
Let the Old Potrero have its way”
“I’d prefer Jack Daniel’s”, the silent one did finally say.

The spirits went up as spirits poured down
One of them wept while the others frowned.
“What is with you, what makes you cry?”
“I wish I knew, I wish I had an alibi”

“I loved my wife like I loved no one
She is cheating on me, she is having fun”
But women are never faithful, I know”
“This is the fourth deceit for him in a row”

All four looked at each other, as sadness ruled
One of them started laughing as the alcohol fuelled
“You don’t know, how to love your mate
She loved making me merry on a monsoon date”

Startled, the three gawked at this friend
As his words became difficult to comprehend
Thought they would enjoy, but they had to regret
Because in came wine and out went a secret.


Catherine Vibert said...

OOOOPS! I liked the setting of these comrades in their drinking circle.

Laurel said...

Very rhythmic. And what she said...OOOOPS!

laughingwolf said...

a tiple: OOOOPS!

Tessa said...

Good cadence - well done!

Terri said...

oooops indeed... very good, I like the rhythm and rhyme; the tone is just right, too - it all seems to gel rather well.

Pallav said...

i like the poems and anyone who has been drunk like shit, can totally relate to blurting out something shitty.

ha, good one!

Rock on!

JR's Thumbprints said...

A tipsy triple tiple ooops! Here's to your poem, Cheers!

Obscure Optimist said...

:) Thanks for dropping in.

Thank you.

geee... :D

Thank you :)

I so wanted to write a poetry, finally i wrote a fictional one!
Thanks for the comment :)

ohh, you do relate to that. Great! :)
Thanks for the comment!

JR's Thumprints,
Thank ya :)

allthatmatters said...

haha.... seriously oops is the word..... I have always loved your style of poetry. It's very refreshing.
Well done Yamini...

BernardL said...

That's the end of that club. :)

PJD said...

"Did I say that out loud?"

My favorite line: spirits went up as spirits poured down

Aniket Thakkar said...

Heyyyy Yam! I didn't knew you participated!

Damn. Pete beat me to the fav. line.

Well I loved the flow of it and am glad you submitted a poetry. I always love you poetry more than the fiction (which is pretty good too :D)

I love the format ABAB over AABB but it suits the piece perfectly.

Great work as always. Am glad you could make it here. :)

JaneyV said...

Ah yes shooting your mouth off whilst drunk - something I have a bit of experience of...

Nicely done.

Memory said...

oh oh.... yikes! Goodbye friendship.
This was great. I liked it.
Nice writing.

Anonymous said...

That made me smile. Whoops indeed. That wine can be so dangerous.

High marks for pacing.