Saturday, July 11, 2009

Entry #60

The Artist
by Adisha Singh

She had surely felt the adoration in his stare, for that is where her eyes stopped wandering.

The server handed her the drink he had requested. Incidently, the wine was the color of her lips. Her fingers circled the rim of the glass delicately as she contemplated. Then, she decisively motioned him to join her.

Once the initial moments of uncertainty passed, he easily immersed himself into the role of a charismatic prospect.

The conversation flowed. He imagined her tied to the bed, her protests ranging from loud threats to whimpers. His excitement increased exponentially.

He dropped the capsule into the drink just before the last few sips. A flick of the wrist, his favorite magic trick. He paid the bill and patiently watched her down the last few drops.

Her back felt warm as he guided her out. The parking lot was dark. The night, moonless. A few more steps and he would have a new instrument for his concerto.

Suddenly, the world tilted at an impossible angle. Pain seared through his body. His own cries unnatural to his ears. Dust clouded around him where he fell. His mouth contorted with realization.

"You…the glasses!!"

She bent over him. Her eyes sparkled with a vindication, " I even added another party treat. I‘m not surprised you forgot me. Never did believe in Karma, did you? Well, joke’s on you!"

The receding noise of her heels were the final notes of his symphony.


laughingwolf said...

sweet revenge :)

Laurel said...

What Ello said!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Nothing like switching glasses and adding a little something extra. Call it a GHB Cocktail. I'm still not so sure about the title.

The Preacherman said...

Always liked karma. Nice one.

Four Dinners

Chris Eldin said...

Excellent! I love karma.

Catherine Vibert said...

Ha! She got him didn't she!

Adisha said...

Thank you all :)

@ JR's Thumbprints - About the title, during the story if you notice he considers himself a musician creating his masterpiece, a magician even ... but then every artist meets his match sometime :D

That's my thought behind it :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Oh. I didn't realize yours had been posted. Would have gotten here sooner. :D

It was worth the wait though. Sweet revenge. He had it coming.

And oh, I loved the last line.

Well crafted and very well written.

Great narrative voice too.

Perfect score lady!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for someone to do the date-rape-drug thing, and then you surprised me with the ending!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hah! A feel good piece. ;-)

Great job.

Tessa said...

'The receding noise of her heels were the final notes of his symphony.' Memorable last line of an expertly written tale. Great work!

Kunjal said...

a brilliant effort:) all the best:)

chong y l said...


you are an artist! making a killing sound symphonic ... i wouldn't join your orchestra if you conduct, though:) YL

Kurt Hendricks said...

"His own cries unnatural to his ears" - great line.

BernardL said...

He went to the that well once too often. :)

PJD said...

Poetic justice just can't happen enough, in my mind. People like that all deserve the same treatment.

verification word: rephrose
past tense of "rephrase"?

Ranee Kaur Banerjee said...

Adisha, I like this very much. I like stories that are just and resolute. Revenge is definitely my cup of tea and you serve it very well indeed!

JaneyV said...

I LOVE Karma. Way to go!

Jade L Blackwater said...

I am glad for the justice served, and I love the details of the sounds of the final symphony - receding footsteps.

Anonymous said...

She got him. She definitely got him. One less psychopath on the streets.

High marks for pacing.