Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entry #72

In Vino Veritas – A True Story
by Ropi

Nero was a handsome guy,
But he had a problem in his mind,
He was drinking all the time,
Neglecting his lovely wife.

It was over midnight,
But Nero hadn’t arrived,
Was he drinking again?
Was it beer or wine?

Shouting wife, it was not a good sign,
But everything was going to be fine.
Poor Nero had a secret lover,
His heart was beating for her.

Being drunk meant being dumber
He revealed his affair,
His wife gave his way,
But he wouldn’t let it in this way.

He was Punching and kicking,
while she was crying,
She fell on the floor
And didn’t wake up anymore.


Chris Eldin said...

Oh, the mistakes we make---this is a true story?
Nicely written...kept me moving along to see what would happen next.

Unknown said...

At the moment it is the official point of view how Nero killed her wife Poppaea Sabina.

Sarah Laurenson said...

An historical poem? Cool.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Regardless of their differences, regardless of the alcohol, it was just an accident, a terrible terrible accident.

Catherine Vibert said...

I like the premise, and the historical approach. I would have liked another stanza to go further into the details of the murder.

laughingwolf said...

but he got his, in the end...

Aniket Thakkar said...

I am totally with Cat here.

You have picked up a very interesting premise and set it up expertly. I now crave for some more...

I quite liked it as it is though. I'm sucker for greek/roman history and the likes of them.

Unknown said...

Oh well done, Ropi! This is a great take on the competition - historical poetry - really like what you've done! Good job!

PJD said...

manslaughter, Cat, not murder... jury would never convict on murder if this were the evidence.

Anyway, thanks for the history lesson. I did not know Nero killed his wife. (It's not a period of history I'm much familiar with, except what I've learned from historical epics like Life of Brian.)

JaneyV said...

Very imaginative take on the prompt. I love that you took a latin phrase and then set your poem in ancient Rome.

Jade L Blackwater said...

Bitter and painful - well written.

Anonymous said...

Something very chilling about the end and how it's stated. A brutal fight understated.