Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entry #77

The Interview
by Amy Cummings

The glowing of the candles sporadically placed on the walls lent an eerie ambiance to the room. The near darkness wrapped itself around me, creating an unnatural chill to rush over my skin. I looked around and rubbed my hands up and down my arms.

“Thank you for accommodating me.” His voice drifted through the shadows. “You must be nervous having this interview in my home. I do apologize, but as you know, I am confined within these walls.”

He turned from the bar situated in the corner of the room and held out a glass of red wine. I took it, and again found myself startled by the disfigured man before me.

“Thank you,” I replied then smiled up at him, knowing full well that his confinement was his choice. But this would hopefully be my employer. I needed this job, no matter how daunting the man appeared. They were only scars. I took a deep breath to bring back some regularity to my jumbled nerves, then tentatively sipped my wine. The bitter taste on my tongue slid smoothly down my throat.

“So, Ms. Hill, are you interested in being my personal assistant and all that I require of you?”

I considered him momentarily as I stared directly into his eyes. I smiled, showing him that his flawed face did not affect me.

“Yes, Mr. Grant, I’ll take the position.”


Sarah Laurenson said...

Very interesting. I like the setup, but I think I'm missing an inside piece with not knowing the players. Could be wrong.

Does this reference real people? Seems like it.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Good scenario--the disfigurement, the interview, the wine. I liked the conflict of the story.

The Preacherman said...

A job's a job eh?

I want more of this. My curiosity is in overdrive. Who is she and who is he?

Must be a front runner here I reckon. A short that leaves you wanting more.

Good stuff

Four Dinners

laughingwolf said...

i'm with sarah, missing something?

Laurel said...

I've no idea what happens next but I get the impression it can't be good.

I like this so far. I would love a little more info, be it what the position entails, how he became scarred, a hint as to whether he is a bad guy or a good guy, why the interviewee wants the job so badly.

Catherine Vibert said...

It is a good set up, well written, nice setting and descriptions. It needs more of a plot to work as flash I think, as it leaves too many questions. It's an excellent start to a longer short story.

Chris Eldin said...

It also left me with questions, but nevertheless I enjoyed it very much! Hope to learn more about your characters!

Aniket Thakkar said...

The disfigured man reminded me of Hannibal. But I could be way off the track.

Like others I too am left wanting more...

Amy C said...

Thanks for your feedback. I have never done one of these flash fiction short stories before. A friend of mine steered me toward this contest, and I had fun!

Is it bad to be left wanting more? Does that mean that it's not a proper flash fiction?

After I wrote this I realized that it represents my need to get a job and my fear of actually getting one. I hadn't noticed at first.

Unknown said...

Love the visuals provided, strong imagery.

Longing for more of this story.

Laurel said...

Amy C:

I'm new here, too, so absolutely do not take any comment of mine to heart.

IMHO it's way better to leave people wanting more. This vignette felt complete, like a snapshot or a scene, but the reader knows something came before and something comes later. You did something right if the reader cares WHAT came before or comes later. Just my two cents.

BernardL said...

This had a little Edgar Allen Poe feel to it. 'and all that I require of you' Intriguing.

Blodeuedd said...

Great work Amy :D
I thought I would stop by here too, hm, wonder what number Dottie has

PJD said...

Like Bernard, I am intrigued by the "all I require" phrase. There's a lurking sinister element to it. I get the sense that this is the opening scene for a long drama. Grant never touches her, but through what he requires of her, her slowly turns her into something else, either better or worse than she is now. Depends on how you envision it.

JaneyV said...

Congratulations on taking that first step into flash fiction. CoN is a fantastic place to develop your writing skills and to meet other writers.

I like the sinister undertones but it also brought Beauty and the Beast to mind. It could be the start of a gothic horror or a fine romance. ;0)

Jade L Blackwater said...

Okay: now I'm ready for the rest of the story! :D

Anonymous said...

Such a Gothic flavor. I liked that. Not common anymore. I wonder what goes on within those walls.

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