Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Anyone Home?

Ever wonder who's knocking on your door when you're not home? We especially do when it comes to our cabin in the mountains.

Deer me. Nobody home? It's so fawn when those wacky humans are around. What am I going to doe now?

Missed them again? I can't bear it. What a boar.

We hang out in an interesting neighborhood. Can't wait to see who shows up for tea.


Kriti said...
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Kriti said...

Good heavens!
You really do have some interesting neighbours.

Mona said...

I guess it could be the aliens, considering how many UFOs are 'spotted' over the American continent!

DollHeart said...

i am so jealous you have these neighbors. i have had a fox of late...but only to scavenge for dog food.

Karen said...

Oh, how I miss our cabin in the woods. I have so many fond memories of those days. We sold when the kids were teenagers and too "busy" to go anymore. Don't make that mistake!

the walking man said...

You have a security camera at your cabin in the woods?

Margaret said...

I'd love it there. :D

Catherine Vibert said...

That's pretty cool.

Terri said...

You got some punny neighbours there, Jason ;-)

Loren Eaton said...

We have some friends that built a cabin in the middle of the Florida Everglades. They hung an automated feeder from a tree, this thing that sprays out corn periodically and has enough armor on it to make Fort Knox jealous. One visit, they discovered a bear had yanked it down and torn it open.

Aine said...

Now, if only they'd come when we're home!

(er, maybe not...)

But it's interesting that the smaller critters (racoon and porcupine) were brave enough to come calling when we were there.

Karen~ no chance of making that mistake! Thanks for the heads up!

Aimee Laine said...



We get deer around here but bear? I'd be cowering in the closet hiding any sign I was around.

:) (Chicken I am)

Hoodie said...

We've got some type of visitor somewhere in our house right now. We're trying to decide if it's in the attic or in a vent. Mouse? Bird?

I suppose we'll see soon enough.

I really really really don't like it when "outside" things of any sort cross the threshold. I like to hold on to then notion that my home can be a sanctuary from all the scaries out there.

Sarah Hina said...

This made me smile. :)

As for tea...maybe Goldilocks can work something out while you guys are away. ;)

chris eldin said...

LOVE the pics!

But groan at the jokes.... sorry I had to log in today...

Shadow said...

you have some interesting visitors... you're fortunate!

Adisha said...

Lolzzz.. what a lovely cast of characters you have as neighbors :)

Anonymous said...

Creation, a porcupine did come to tea once.

Mona,'re on to something! Excellent disguises. I'll have to think back to see if I have any missing blocks of time.

SpinsterGirl, foxes are gorgeous. (Foxy even.) Pretty smart too if they're getting into the dog food.

Karen, I'm going to take that advice to heart! We'll be facing that situation in a few years. I do think it's more important to keep it.

Walking Man, it's a trail camera. A small unit that straps to trees and is triggered by motion and heat. It's usually for tracking game movements, but we had it trained on the cabin.

Margaret, come sit by the campfire!

Catvibe, we knew there was some tomfoolery going on by the cabin. Now we caught the perp in action.

Terri, very pet-able. :P

Loren, very powerful buggers, aren't they? Luckily, this one (or these) haven't tried to get into the cabin.

Aine, yeah, the raccoon fingers on the cooler that night were the best! We thought a bear had come knocking. :)

Aimee, we've also encountered a mom with cubs in the forest. That was tense bunch of seconds.

Hoodie, oooh, those visitors are the worst! I wonder if it's a bird or a squirrel of some kind. Mice usually don't bother to come in until it gets cold.

Sarah, as long as they don't poop in the bed. ;) (Yeah, we've had some of that in the past too.)

Chris, ha!! You're in the spirit. :) And if you didn't groan, I'd be seriously worried about you. ;)

Shadow, it's a wonderful experience to spend time there.

Adisha, maybe there's a children's book in there somewhere!

Laurel said...


We have similar fauna. Except not at our cabin but our actual house. There is a youngish bear foraging through the garbage and the deer have decimated the hostas at our "all-u-can-eat" landscape buffet. They've gotten so bold that we can be in the yard and they will interrupt their grazing to gaze at us in what seems to be contempt, not even curiosity. And a small snake resides in a hole about ten feet off our deck. The coyotes hoot and yip all night which makes our dogs very restless.

Mostly I find it charming but I do stress a little about my two small children. They are currently forbidden from playing outdoors unsupervised.

Anonymous said...

Laurel, with that kind of menagerie, I don't blame you for keeping a close watch on the kiddos. Especially with the bears associating humans with food.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I'll take those neighbors any day over the girl that lives next doors to us and endlessly keeps talking in a parakeetish voice over the phone outside in the balcony and she'll discuss topics like which bag is new in trend or which lipstick is better.

She's not even good looking or I could have compromised on audio quality for the video. ;)