Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Traveling Song

August heat cradle me
in rushing window humidity
and oil-smelling blacktop
where mirages evaporate
the tobacco barn roads

Back country speak to me
and cicada sung cemeteries
lamenting General Lee
and blessing the dearly departed

I don't want to arrive
maybe that August, but not now
the car and its gasoline
hums the miles
the miles
humming away the miles


Anonymous said...

Something about the youtube video is causing an error in the bottom of this post. The time stamp and comments button aren't there. I can't seem to make it work. Anyway, here is a prior comment from Karen:

Nothing better than a road trip! Thanks for this trek into the country.

By the way, I've read this a few times and am struck by your choice of the imperative and the melding of past and present -- very nice.

Catherine Vibert said...

Ok that used to totally be one of my favorite songs, and I was just singing it with my son James last week as we were talking about 80's bands.

The poem feels like around here in North Cackalacki! We actually even have an antique market here called the 'Tobacco Barn'. Love the allusion to the past, because it is hard not to think of the past when you are driving around in these parts. A road trip...Are you going on one, or did you just return?

Sarah Hina said...

The desire to outrun, while the past continues to sing.

This is powerful, especially when combined with the video. The lyrics are entreating someone else, but the poem seems to turn that in on oneself, or the world at large. Like maybe there won't be a destination anymore, but that at least the question might be lost in the miles slipping by. That's what got to me.

Anonymous said...

Karen, that's a great comment on the imperative mood. I do like to pull that out at times. In a way, it's like a prayer. In desperation.

Cat, that's cool that you liked that song! And yes, you're right. A road trip is imminent. One that should take me back.

Sarah, sometimes I approach a poem with emotion only and leave the meaning for later. Or for others. I like your contemplation of the meaning.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I sneaked in here during office hrs. Video's are blocked so can't listent to the song here. Will be back to listen to it from home.

I loved the poem, especially the last lines. Apt timing too. I'm making a small road trip on my bike next weekend. its just for about 90 miles, but am so looking forward to it. :)

the walking man said...

I still don't know which I like better; the trip or the destination.

Anonymous said...

Aniket, dang blocks and firewalls!! Don't they know that the internet is the new water cooler conversation? That's great that you're going on a trip! Get the wind in your face....

Walking Man, that's the truth. I think I've always embraced that notion, but more now.