Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Attachments Continued

Everyone is doing a spectacular job delving into these questions! Thank you!! I hope you're finding this self-reflection fun and illuminating.

As we dig, please keep in mind that one answer is not better (or more healthy) than another. We are not looking for things wrong with us. Each of the two groupings of answers has its own positives, and its own negatives. They are simply different constructs of attachment (and I'm sure there are more than these two).

I wasn't satisfied with a couple elements of my questions, but that's my fault, not yours. I'd like to drill down a bit farther with four more questions. If you've participated in questions 1 - 4, please answer this series also. If you're just joining us, please answer both sets of questions--the ones posted Monday and the ones posted today (Wednesday). Friday is the big discussion!!

Which of the two statements in each question do you agree with more?

Question 5
a. I hate emotional upheaval, regardless of whether I believe I'm right or wrong.

b. I hate when things in my life aren't the way I was expecting them to be.

Question 6
a. If something has gone wrong, then I should have done better. It's most likely up to me to fix it.

b. If something has gone wrong, then we can work it out, as long as we do it together.

Question 7
a. "You don't understand!" (Angry and frustrated.)

b. "I'm trying to understand." (Concerned and worried.)

Question 8
a. I hope to find it (or achieve it) someday.

b. If only people would see how good the world is, they would be happy.


M. said...

1 B
2 B
3 B
4 A (or rather, convincingly A but moving towards B :p )

Mayur :-)

Shadow said...


Margaret said...

5. a
6. b
7. b
8. b

Ryan said...

5)B, but hate is such a strong word, maybe uncomfortable?
7)Evolving from A to B

the walking man said...

5. C

6. B

7. C

8. C

Sonia said...


Piggy Little said...

u make it more difficult!!! :-) i likes.

5. i dont know how they are an either/or situation but i would go with A

6. i swing like a pendulum between the two and sometimes, upon blaming others also. but i think i would settle for A, again.

7. earlier it used to be A. my most immediate reaction even now is A, right if i am temperamentally off my rockers. but i will settle for B.

8. A ;-)


William R.D. Wood said...

5. b
6. a
7. b
8. a

You're not making these results available to law enforcement, are you? :-)

Mona said...

Jason Evans is a tease!

5. a

6. b

7. c ( I agree with neither, one is about controlling & the other is about being controlled.)

8. a

Laurel said...

Within the confines of the questions as posited:


I do think that "you don't understand" (angry and frustrated) and "I'm trying to understand" (concerned and worried) can and frequently do co-exist. I can be furious at someone and still listen to what they have to say. Sometimes, they're right and I'm wrong. So while I'm angry and frustrated I'm still trying to understand.

Vesper said...


PixieDust said...

5. a
6. a
7. a
8. b


Chris Eldin said...

Jason is redesigning the Matrix.

This is illuminating. And despite my previous comment, I'm not depressed. Just frustrated with some things in my life. I know there's a big difference, and I should be more careful with my words...

5) a
6) b
7) b
8) a and b Can you do that?

Terri said...

Ooh this is like those "Are you a serial killer or a puppy" type quizzes they have in magazines! Love it :-)
Since I only just got here, I'll do the four I missed from the previous post too...

1) b
2) a
3) a bit of both, actually, though probably more a than b
4) a

5) (oooh, tough one!) ... b
6) a
7) a
8) a

Um, I think you know more about me than anyone else on the planet now {gulp!}

Great questions, Jason - I'm too lazy to do it myself but I'd be interested to see if any sort of pattern emerges from this little survey of yours.

Karen said...

Hmm. I answered these yesterday, but I see my answers have disappeared. Now, does that mean I should re-think? I think I forgot to push "go."

5. a
6. a
7. b
8. a - although I know b is much more altrusitic

So -- I changed two answers since yesterday. I'm wondering if we should take this every day!?

(word verification: sheit -- that's how we used to say it as kids: sheeee-it) lol

PhilipH said...


Although ... hmmm no I'll say no more!

Bebo said...

5. a

6. a

7. sometimes one, sometimes the other

8. a

Woman in a Window said...

I'm not cheating! I swear! Really, I do. Too much.


Jaye Valentine said...

5. a
6. a
7. b
8. a

The answers to this batch jumped right out at me, unlike 1-4 where I had to think about them.