Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Olympians' towering flow
raging rocks
and mist howling winds
hair flying
in the thundering rain
we gasp at your feet
Neptune's titans
billowing in clouds
dreaming of an ice age


Margaret said...

One day I'll get to see the Niagara Falls and will experience everything you brought across in this poem Jason.
Looking at the amazing photo and reading these lines I almost felt like I was already there!

Awesome, vigorous Poem - leaves me breathless!

Karen said...

The majesty and might of this place shine in both your words and photo. Beautiful. These are powerful images with a fabulous ending.

the walking man said...

I don't mean to be snarky but Niagara Falls was my mothers favorite vacation destination. Not only did she torture us with multiple trips there she insured all 11 of her grand kids would share the memory. Which may account for us not being a very romantic tribe of heathens.

At least you didn't use the term "Misty Maid" in this paean to the great water.

Best viewed from the Canadian side.

PhilipH said...

Marilyn Monroe was fabulous in Niagra. Nice poem.

Terri said...

You certainly do know how to put words and pictures together.

Catherine Vibert said...


Shadow said...

you've depicted it perfectly!

Charles Gramlich said...

Love Niagara. Was so lovely when I was there with Lana.

Mona said...

I haven't seen the Niagara falls, except in pictures. You present a very powerful image of them in a few words!

Anonymous said...

Margaret, it's definitely something to see. Thanks. :)

Karen, truly awe-inspiring!

Walking Man, I used to live in Buffalo. I'll dare to say that I've been to the falls between 10 and 20 times. However, even so, the power still strikes me. And for all of those trips, I've never been on the Maid of the Mist before. That really is amazing. Surrounded by the horseshoe falls. Like a circle of towering gods. (BTW, one 2009 corollary to the viewing rule. Best viewed from the Canadian side...with a passport. No passport, forget it. The American side Maid of the Mist is an equalizer.)

PhilipH, thanks! Marilyn is timeless.

Terri, thanks for the compliment. :) I do like the picture.

Catvibe, I couldn't get a picture within the falls themselves. Way too wet.

Shadow, much appreciated!

Charles, glad you two had a wonderful time!

Mona, maybe someday....

Mona said...

yes, it is likely that I would someday. I might have been able to see them last month as I had plans to visit Canada to see my brother in Toronto, before I came back to India. But unfortunately it couldn't materialize because of some visa problem.
Maybe next year.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I knew I should have visited it while I had the chance. I got a weekend off and could have made a trip there while I was in Madison. A few of my friends were going.

But I chose to attend 'The Taste of Madison' fair. It was a great experience too.

Next time, I wont miss it for the world.

PS: Aine should must read the Percy Jackson series. Olympian gods rock, big time. If she loved Harry Potter she would most definitely love the series too.

the walking man said...

That is how many times I have been there over the past 50 years Jason...MI now has an enhanced drivers license. I think we will be putting it to the test soon.

Actually I like it further up the river before it tumbles over the falls.

Sarah Hina said...

I could feel the spray on my cheeks. :)

Such power and awe in this one. You'd almost have to invoke the gods when seeing and hearing it. It's overwhelming.

The last line, in particular, struck me here.

Meghan said...

Love it. Incredible picture, btw.

SzélsőFa said...

the power of water is greatly shown both in the poem and on the photo.
I was lucky enough to have seen Niagara Falls at least once in my life :)

Anonymous said...

Mona, then you'll have another chance. :)

Aniket, definitely awe-inspiring. There's something unparalleled about water.

Walking Man, that's a lot times to come from a distance. Yeah, the falls are not exactly as exciting as that many trips would suggest.

Sarah, thanks for catching the last line. If memory serves, the falls owe a great deal to the last ice age.

Meghan, thanks. :) Thank picture did come out well.

Szelsofa, that's amazing to have spanned such a distance!