Friday, October 30, 2009


You slip into pudding warmth. That's how it begins.

Down below. Rolling on thighs. Up the soles of your feet and between toes. Down spinal channels to suck mango hollows in your brain.

This dream--more delicious than sleep. The pudding's progress. The knees. The oh-Jesus trail from thigh, to inners, to melting down forbidden valleys where heat is leaping, pulsing, pulsing, harder. To living stone.

The sheets flutter off. No thinking. Ankles drag you down from the pillow. But strangely, it's not strange. Limp arms pull above your head. Helpless on the mattress. Elbows hover, about to beat a wingless flight.

Night air tingles across your underarms.

Shins drag open.

You rumble with earthquakes. Attacks entangled in surrender. Cock curving. Stomach writhing. You're splitting with rises and falls. Rising.

Her heat is a thump of weight and muscle.

You wake.

Your honey-and-whisper eyes crack, and you see her. An angel of bronze and rippling. Beautiful enough to weep.

Now now now now. The seed of a hundred gods bellows between your legs. Never so large. Never so beautiful. Fingers reach and part her sculpture. Unveiling. Glistening. Stretching to engulf you.

She slices downward. The heave catapults your back from bed. Arms still cuffed. Arching.

She destroys you. A landslide. An obliteration. Strength to rend muscle and bone. Bed flaps from floor. You roar a lung-rending rhythm.

Fast. Fast. Fast.

So fast.

You spasm and flail arms. Then grip. White claws on her back.

On the precipice, nothing moves. She is all. No motion. All freedom crushed and asphyxiation.

In her death squeeze, you explode.

Mouth torn wide. Soundless, between her breasts.

Then she rips away, your mind yanked with her, your must-have-forever splattered at her feet. Your body bubbles up from the mattress.

A bronze angel in one blink.

In the next, she is silvery skin and blackness and purple eyes. Still beautiful. The leering and licking demon.

Becoming male.

Caressing and tickling sulphurs into your semen.

Then silver enfolds shadows. Shadows drain into a distant light. A nothing eases outside your window.

Somewhere, in another bed, Incubus breath falls on a woman's musky dark.

And that is how the warmth begins.

(Based on the legend of the Succubus, a demon which takes female form in order to lie with a man and steal his semen. After twisting the seed, it then takes male form (the Incubus), which visits a woman to conceive a demon child.)

Beware of night visitors in the dark rooms of this Halloween night!



Aniket Thakkar said...

Man, though I was expecting a turn due to the auspicious timing and the pumpkin over the top.... still I'll admit I was turned on... till she turned to a male part. Now that is the scariest imagery ever. I mean in general I don't mind the demons that look like Angelina Jolie. :D :D

the walking man said...

That is one hell of a one night stand you wrote about Jason.

Tabitha Bird said...

thanks Jason, no I won't be sleeping tonight :)

Love your writing!

Shadow said...

and happy halloween to you too. you sure have set the scene with this one!

Kim said...

Oh, my, Jason. It's quite warm in here.

Laurel said...

That so perfectly toed the line between hot and terrifying!

He knows something bad is going to happen. So does the reader. But holy warm puddin' innards...who cares right this minute?

The coolest thing about this vignette is that the overall impression leaves you hot and bothered more than terrified of the ending, just like the victim/lucky devil getting offed.

Get it? Getting offed? A little succubus humor...

Top notch trick and treat here!

fourdinners said...

wonder if they ever get it back to to speak...that'd be interesting!...;-)

Jean said...

Oh, great. I don't have enough sleep issues.

I'll just have to stay awake and revisit the good parts ;-)

Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Strong images implanted in my mind's eye.
I am liking this, you.

Anonymous said...

Aniket, ha! You're right. Angelina demons are fine by me too. :)

Walking Man, amen. ;)

Tabitha, thanks, my friend. (Just watch for those purple eyes.)

Shadow, yeah, this would be a Halloween to remember!

Kim, warm in here...for some reason, I'm picturing a southern belle sitting under a magnolia tree fanning herself. ;)

Laurel, gotta love Succubus humor! But seriously, thanks. I wanted the reader to be far more seduced than terrified. At the end, you feel like, holy crap, but like you said, who cares right now??

Four Dinners, I bet those demons have all sorts of ways to unhook us from our order and sanity.

Jean, maybe the Incubus will look like Brad Pitt. Or any other male specimen of your choice. ;)

SarahA, I wanted to drown in the imagery. I glad it spoke to you!

Midnight Whisperer said...

After I read this, I let out a deep breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding. Then I went and took a cold shower ; ) Your words were written in such a way that I could almost close my eyes and feel the Demon's breath on my skin. Great writing!

Nevine Sultan said...

This was... well, just mesmerizing. What a cliche word to use, but I really can't think of another. Maybe it's my fascination with tales of incubi and succubi, or maybe it's my fascination with the relationship between horror and sex. I'm not sure, exactly. But this story definitely had some wicked magic in it. Perfectly dark and wicked!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

O, so dark and evil! Beware, indeed! Masterfully done, Jason!

Terri said...

This like a delicious dream that turns into a nightmare. Skillfully crafted, Mr Evans.
Makes me glad I'm not a guy, today :-)

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

All I am going to say Jason, is that I got to go and take a shower .. I am feeling real sticky! When I finish I will come back and read it again --- after all, ain't no sense and not enjoying it for a second time, being old, this is very safe for me!

A very good read, thank you. Between your post and Nevine's post, my body and mind have been truly satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Midnight Whisperer, that held breath is very cool. :) Thank you for letting me know about the immediacy you felt. How thin the veil was between you and the story.

Nevine, I think I like even more that you're not sure. That means I've dug deeper than easy thoughts and words. Thanks! :)

Kaye, something's afoot in Pennsylvania. Keep the outside lights on and the doors firm. ;)

Terri, as nightmares go, this one is pretty pleasurable. ;) Even better, you get to walk away. (Unlike with those pesky vampires.)

Amias, now that's what I'm talking about! You rock!! :)

PixieDust said...

Now THAT is how you tell a Halloween story! I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Halloween!



Anonymous said...

PixieDust, we had a very good time. I know you did! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)