Monday, January 11, 2010

Entry #139

Whispering Pine for a Silhouette
by Chong Yen Long

My body feels warm tonight although there is a breeze entering the room. I descend the lonely mansion onto the Port Dickson beach to seek solace of twilight and twinkle, winking stars.

Thirty years is a long time by human reckoning, but it seems like only yesterday. My body from waist up trembles--at the thought of caressing a sixteen-year-old body sublime, me some seven years senior but not any wiser, in a fruity encounter I think subconsciously fostered by reading DH Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" at the tender age of 13!

I look up to the study in the bungalow my rich aunt bequeathed me instead of to her children because she found me more adorable as I could paint and write adult poetry in childhood. I am also romantic; otherwise, who would imagine bringing a young neighbourhood gal to a rendezvous in this gods' forbidden territory?

A black bird suddenly takes off from a whispering pine tree as I approach a bench underneath its arching fronds. And as I look up that window, I can see the silhouette--maybe this crow's granduncle had once stood at that window-sill peeping at two other "birds" locked in embrace?

I could still sign my lover's name in a thousand variations -- Chinese calligraphy style--in the sands.

Tonight I celebrate the return of my first-love silhouette in a hallowed study. I can feel the electrifying sensation of a climax being scaled as we entwine in a Kamasutra pose.


AM-C said...

Nicely erotic!

Bernita said...

Sweet silhouettes of summer love.

Aniket Thakkar said...

"I could still sign my lover's name in a thousand variations"

Well not 1000 but I did that too...Loved the little descriptions sprinkled over the piece.

Craig said...

Strong descriptive piece.

catvibe said...

Lovely romantic writing.

Deb S said...

Ditto the strong description comment. Love the "whispering pine"

chong y l said...

sometimes I renick desiderata as desiFOOLofEROTICA:)

i remember watching "Summer of 42"; mine came in 1972:)

I wish i were your age agin -- i will even go 10,000X:(


descriptive only when inspired -- when penning this Desi must thank host Jason's photo-prompt, it brought back memories:) or :(

catvibe: romantic I'm, and many of my newer blogreaders think Desi's fe-mail!:)

deb s: whispering pine(s) was inspired by cowboy song sung by johnny horton
Thanks awe for feedback! I raise a tehtarik to Thee! -- Desi

laughingwolf said...

well wrought, chong...

DILLIGAF said...

Summer of '42? Classic stuff. Well written old bean. Very well written.

Laurel said...

Romantic, erotic, evocative, and sensual. The early loss of innocence isn't so jarring in one with a soul so old, but I was a bit disturbed by references to young experience. Was this intended or am I just being a prude?

Really well written.

lena said...

awww.. so damn romantic and beautiful. Very very well written.

PJD said...

It is romantic, for sure. But I am having trouble understanding the various ages... 30 years is a long time? 16 years old, seven years her senior? Tender age of 13? Is the MC 53 years old, recalling his first time?

chong y l said...

laffin'wolf: woof, woof, choruses D crow:)

4dinners: N "hint" to pjd later:)

My summer came 30years after '42; maketh Desi quite classically JurassicK:)


Thanks for thy compliment. As for thy being a byte "disturbed", no worries there/dare, for I was precocious alright, but never "irresponsible". Lady Chatterley's Lover was a banned book in my country then when I stolen a peep at a copy borrowed from a bosom friend (knotty like Desi!:) studying an a Catholic school (Malaysia now wracked by controversy over use of term "Allah" by non-Muslims that saw several church attacks (firebombed) in recent days; sorry I digress...)So thou art no prude, it's just Desi being too adventurous for his own good, but rest assured, 2X, I didn't stray that "mush"!:)

Lena: "Sieh sieh" which is Thank you in Chinese; happy you enjoyed the fictional schoolboy romance:)


Ah, pls read my response to Laurel first.
Now if you care to traverse to my blog, my profile says I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.

Your detection power is quite close to the towering sleuths I mentioned, but I did throw a few red herrings in the Numbers!:)


PS: Thanks to all commenters once again. BTW, I had published an anthology of poems "Midnight Voices" -- 900 copies of 1,000 print-run sold and almost 100 copies gifted away. A solitary copy lies in my study... you may peep to an intro about my maiden work in the July 7, 2007 blogpost:)

Kartik said...

Very nice! In throes of passison and very sensual!

JaneyV said...

Though very sensual and romantically charged I have to say that I found the taking of a 16 year old girl by a man in his 20s to be deeply icky. I realise that he loved her and that it was a deeply meaningful experience but - I still think that a 16 year old is a child. Or am I just being an old fuddy-duddy?

James R. Tomlinson said...

Well, I am an old fuddy-duddy. Sixteen will get you twenty. Still, very intriguing piece (of writing that is). I'm not too sure the DH Lawrence line works--seems a bit forced or contrived.

chong y l said...

janey V: take the opeice as a "flight of passage of youthful exuberance" -- let not moral taint crop in otherwise there won't be honest sharing. Thanks for your honest reaction -- old fuddy-duddy is still young-at-heART!:)

chong y l said...

james rt:

Just add to above response to janeyV and all: that this is a fictional creation, and much poetic licence is used. -- Desi

Aimee Laine said...

My mind screamed "pedophile" at the "tender age of 13!" but, having been one of those 14 year olds in love with an older man (albeit he was only 4 years older) there is a maturity we sometimes forget about. :) I love the romantic feel you give as if he too is nervous and waiting and longing sweetly. :)

Anonymous said...

my caveat

Something I Would Keep

This piece feels refined and erudite, like a spot-on cup of high quality tea. To then have it be romantic, sensual, erotic is a lovely blend.

Something I Might Tweak

I got the sense of two female lovers, which is not bad, but perhaps doesn't suit the purpose that you'd intended

chong y l said...


don't scream, jest whisper; but i'm grateful by your understanding about maturity...

keep: thanks for appreciation
tweak: Jest a s-mile:)

PS: And also thanks (on unsolicited other fellow writers behalf2:) for your regular formatted "comments" at all entries -- good teaching process!

Chris Eldin said...

Ah, a bit of controversy stirring about.
I was and still am confused by the ages, but this was sweetly erotic nonetheless.

chong y l said...

Chris E:

Some controversy is good, means we are truly democratic on the Internet:), liberating medium for us writers from Malaysia where Govt controls major print media:(