Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Entry #201

National Save the Quill Day
by Sharon Poppen

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye," announced the always-on TV. "Tomorrow is National Save the Quill Day (NSQD)."

Travis looked up from his computer. "National What Day?"

Dustin shrugged. "Wasn't listening." His fingers worked his computer-game. "Die, you dork, die."

"Dude, log off. Our term-papers are due tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah, oh shit!" A raspberry buzz signaled end of game. "Trav, you broke my concentration." Dustin swiveled and slid his chair over to dock next to his dorm mate. "Now what are you all psyched up about?"

"Guy on the news just said something about quills."

"Like on porcupines?"

"Don't know. I'm doing a Google search.” Travis pointed at the screen. "Look, Dust, it's a writing pen."

"A pen?"

"Yeah, like how they wrote before computers."

"No kidding. How’d it work?"

"The original quill pen was a feather from a bird, filed down to a point. They dipped it in black dye to make words or pictures."

"Wow. Cool. How’d they check spelling, check the thesaurus, do cut and paste, delete mistakes and email it?"

"Don't know."

Dustin went back to his game, until Travis' next bit of information.

" It says that on NSQD anyone caught using a computer will be restricted to only quill use until next NSQD." Travis hurriedly pulled up his term-paper file.

“When does it start?"

Travis looked at his watch. "Right now."

The half-finished term paper disappeared from the screen. A banner announced NSQD had begun.

"We're screwed." Dustin stared at the banner.

(Sharon Poppen, Lake Havasu City, AZ - author of ‘After the War, Before the Peace’ a novel of historical fiction and ‘Hannah’ a western saga ebook. Awards – Arizona Authors Association, National League of American Pen Women. Visit her website at .)


Laurel said...

I LOVE THIS! So funny. And sadly, true. Very tongue in cheek.

Nice job and what a welcome change of pace from the heavy load of grief and guilt!

sandra seamans said...

Good one, Sharon! That'll teach those boys not to wait til the last minute. :)

kashers said...

A weird idea that's been neatly unfurled.

Bernita said...

Gotta watch for those hacker Luddites. Good dialogue.Enjoyed this.

Anne said...

How true and how sad this is that we've taken a step back into the future. Dialogue was great and perception of the bird ( feather) in the dark...most appropriate. Well done.

laughingwolf said...

great fun, thx sharon :)

Kelley Heckart said...

Great story, Sharon. Very funny.


Deb Smythe said...

Ha! Thanks for the smile, Sharon.

Aniket Thakkar said...

A unique take on the prompt. And a very welcome one. Loved the idea. Though I seriously can't imagine a life without my computer. Its my bread, butter and buddy. ;)

Totally enjoyed reading this.

TAN said...

Flows well with great dialogue, as usual.


Marji said...

Sharon, Your wit and quirks are all there. Good laugh. I enjoyed your touche' touches.

Anonymous said...

LMAO LMAO if only it were that easy!!! Bless you for making me laugh

Kartik said...

Very breezy, and also kinda sad they didn't know what quills were.

D. Altaba said...

Good, good story, Sharon. As always with a good conversation and an unexpected ending.

Anonymous said...


Something I Would Keep

Oh, the dialogue. I dream of writing such lifelike, flowing dialogue. *sigh*

Something I Might Tweak

Break up the paragraph "check spelling, check the thesaraus" - just a bit.

James R. Tomlinson said...

This give new meaning to "the dog ate my homework." Cute story.

Anonymous said...

lol. enjoyed reading it.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Haha. Serves them right for waiting until the last minute. Wait. I wait until the last minute.

Well done.

Aimee Laine said...

That was great! My son regularly complains when his teachers write in cursive. I hear "Mom! I can't read it!" all the time! :) Great job!

Craig said...

Lol, very clever.

Preeti said...

I liked this because it made me smile throughout. It is also a novel take on the prompt.

JaneyV said...

Very clever and scarily accurate. Well done.

PJD said...

Clever and unique. At first I read the "yeah yeah oh shit" line as him realizing that yeah, there's that term paper and oh shit I have to do it now, not as "whatever dude oh I died". Love the concept of NSQD and the penalty. Harsh.

TL said...

Good one, so sadly true.

Terri said...

lol :-)

catvibe said...

Where were you when my kids were growing up? :-) Sucks to procrastinate, huh? Fun piece!

Rachel Green said...

damned luddites!