Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blizzard of Twenty Ten

Nature gnawing walls
imaginary shelter
blizzard snows feasting


Atrisa said...

It looks like the snow has paws and is approaching to conquer! Beautiful pic. That tree in the background is right out of a sketch book.

awareness said...

Great expressive words. I like it. :)

I want some of that outside feasting to happen right now! they were calling for a snow storm and it looks like it by-passed this community. I had high hopes to tuck in for a day and watch some of nature's gnawing show.

Aniket Thakkar said...

The image is blocked out here in office and is marked "sexually explicit content". Boy, now I've got to see it. :)

DILLIGAF said...

It's complete porn Ani!!! Disgraceful behaviour...;-)

Oi! No fair!! I want some snow!!!

Margaret said...

A superb haiku Jason and a magnificent photo to go with it!
(Although I think Aniket's gonna be disappointed when he sees the pic!) ;)

We've got plenty of snow here too but thankfully no blizzards.:)

Bernita said...

That shrub looks like a snow-covered coffin carried by Sleipnir.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Bummer. The snow didn't turn out nearly as sexy as I had imagined. :P

But the Haiku certainly is.

the walking man said...

Jason if you're trying to shame me because Detroit has gotten off so easily this winter--forgeddaboutit.

Adisha said...

Niceeee :( I have had the same scenes outside my window too ... :)

Karen said...

Here's what I think: nuff's enough! This winter has inspired some good poetry, though!

Nevine Sultan said...

Compact and nice."imaginary shelter"... now that's scary...


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

What a great first line, followed by great second and third lines!!! The snow has been monstrous, hasn't it? It is snowing here right blizzard, thankfully!

Marie said...


Sharp haiku and fantastic picture.


Anonymous said...

Atrisa, and those paws had claws! We're still a mess here.

Awareness, maybe a wallop will hit you yet. This sure seems to be a snowy winter.

Aniket, wow, your filters must know some pretty exotic porn. Not many flesh tones in that picture. Now, if we're talking ghost sex, then maybe we can put something together.

Four Dinners, what, you don't like snow porn??

Margaret, we're happy to share some with you in Germany. :)

Bernita, and we had more to go from that storm. Geesh.

Aniket, we're sporting some pretty BIG icicles now. We could show you some icicles....

Walking Man, you guys deserve a pass!

Adisha, I hope you still have windows. The ones to our back porch are half covered.

Karen, we had flurries again today. It can let up now. I'd be okay with that.

Nevine, I think our shelters and comforts are far more ephemeral than we'd like to believe. One gremlin in the immense infrastructure to keep it going brings it all crashing down.

Kaye, this last storm was big for you up north, right? I don't know when we'll be able to get back up to Wayne County.

Marie, much appreciated!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Enjoyed that. Reminded me why I live in the Deep South.

Shadow said...

this is for real? "it's cold outside, but it's warm inside..."

Vesper said...

blizzard snows feasting

This is superb.

For once, the blizzards in the US haven't reached Canada. I'm surprised.

Meghan said...

blizzard snows feasting


Rosaria Williams said...

You are surrounded and under siege. You may surrender and fly south any day now for those warm islands where the sand is warm and curls your toes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful haiku and photo, Jason.

The idea of winter gnawing/feasting is highly original. A great deal packed into your seventeen syllables. :)


from the desk of a writer

Anonymous said...

Angie, is there room down there for us??

Shadow, we should have made a fire.

Vesper, thanks. :) Things are backwards this year, aren't they? The storms are coming from the south.

Meghan, I just hope they're full.

Lakeviewer, ooh, I like your words. I'm ready to book a flight.

Corra, thank you! Sometime I'm going to do a three word haiku.

SzélsőFa said...

you guys are hilarious with this idea of snow porn :)))
winter seems to stay here as well for a couple of more days/weeks???

itsyvitsy said...

Nice words to aptly describe the photograph. Nice!